Materials on the use and application of products

The latest and most relevant articles on Koltsov's FSC and other products of the Planet of Regions Company. Speeches by the developers of the main types of products, as well as the leading lecturers of the Company.

Here you can learn how to use them correctly, how to do pumping correctly and also how to get the maximum result from using Koltsov's FSC.

The main task of the functional state correctors is to improve the quality of a person's life by improving his physical, energy and psycho-emotional state. Proper use of Koltsov's FSC, namely: wearing it on the body, regular use of water structured on FSC in the required amount and energy pumping, are the key to excellent health and active longevity! It is also important to remember that FSCs will help you neutralize most of the negative factors that provoke premature aging.