FSC and 11 Causes of Disease

What are the main causes of disease treated by Functional Condition Correctors?

The first is parasites.

The second cause of diseases is psychopathogenic influences: evil eye, damage, essences, and so on.

The third reason is that it is next to the second, but few people know about it. When a person swears strongly, and especially if he swears, then he spoils himself. He's killing himself with this. Correctors of the Functional State, thanks to the images of Massaru Emotto, remove this.

The fourth reason is our thoughts and emotions. When we cannot forgive someone, including ourselves, when we cannot put up with something, we ruin ourselves, we cause diseases. FSC correct the psycho-emotional state. When people get out of depression, life becomes bright, colorful. They write “I want to sing, I want to draw pictures, I want to wallow in the grass” and so on.

The next reason is mobile phones, computers, players and so on. Any electrical equipment. Already at the moment of pressing any button, an electromagnetic impulse occurs. With the help of exactly the same impulses, Popov also transmitted his signals from ship to ship, and Marconi conducted similar experiments in America. As a result of exposure to electromagnetic impulses, free radicals are formed, and red blood cells lose their charge and stick together into clots, as at the time of a heart attack or stroke. Functional State Correctors instantly neutralize this.

The next reason is also free radicals, but from dehydration. This is the most difficult thing, FSC does not take it! They help a person to drink water.

The next reason for the occurrence of the disease is called the free radical theory of diseases, the free radical theory of aging. The fact is that free radicals are not only from mobile phones or from dehydration. Ate a fried cutlet - got free radicals. Nervous - got free radicals. And, in general, in the course of our vital activity, when generating energy in mitochondria, an active form of oxygen arises - free radicals. They accumulate over the years. You all know that old people have thick blood. This is the essence of the free radical theory of aging. As soon as you take the FSC in your hand, it is equivalent to finding yourself in a forest, in the mountains or at the sea, where there are a lot of negatively charged air ions in the air. You understand, FSC is a vacation that is always with you, which constantly heals and rejuvenates.

The next cause of diseases that FSCs cope with is poor sleep..In England, a long-term costly study was conducted on hundreds of thousands of subjects of the dependence of life expectancy and health status on sleep. It turned out that if you sleep much less than the norm or much more, it is equally bad. Functional State Correctors normalize sleep. But here's what FSC does: as the quality improves, the sleep time decreases! And you think about what it means! Improving the quality of sleep while improving its quality means that FSC gives you extra years of life! For the first time in the world, it is possible to literally buy extra life time! Reducing sleep time means more time for an active life. Having bought FSC, you can buy time for money!

Geopathogenic zones. A column of energy comes from the Earth, which negatively affects a living cell. The Functional State Correctors move these negative energy pillars a very long distance. Guaranteed - if FSC affects you, then you will not be affected. Guaranteed - if you have FSC in your apartment, then in 2-3 days there will be no geopathogenic zones in your apartment.

Tobacco smoking, drug addiction, gambling addiction, alcoholism are illnesses in themselves, and they also drag a whole bouquet along with them. In those who drink and smoke, the cells that line the vessels from the inside are destroyed. Why such a huge number of cardiovascular diseases? Because they drink "in black" and smoke. This is a very complex problem, and FSC No. 5 helps to cope with it, thus removing this cause of diseases.

The eleventh reason FSC cope with is the so-called connective tissue theory of diseases. If all moisture is removed from the body, then 90% of the total residue will fall on the connective tissue. That it is hair, that it is nails, skin, tendons, bones, blood, and every cell of our body has a framework of collagens and elastin spirals that support its shape. With age, the production of collagen decreases, and the person seems to shrivel, shrinks, the skin becomes wrinkled. The use of FSC No. 6, 7 and 8 leads to the fact that collagen and elastin begin to be produced as in youth! Add to this the production of growth hormone, add melatonin, add thyroxine - a powerful rejuvenation of the body starts.