KFS - a magic wand for lazy people

People love simple solutions to complex problems. Any rationally thinking person operates on the principle of economy of effort. That is, he will strive to act in the most rational way possible. In engineering, this approach has led to numerous inventions, and is rightly considered the engine of progress. But is this principle really so good when it comes to maintaining your health? How does an ordinary city dweller act when he is faced with some kind of ailment?

With one of such minor problems as, for example, a cold, headache, chronic fatigue, or, conversely, insomnia. These minor ailments, to the presence of which a person gets used to in his life so much that he perceives it as another annoying factor - well, again you will have to run to the pharmacy. They interfere with his daily activities, he should rather take the usual ambulance and run on. The actions of such a person are reminiscent of the section “Possible malfunctions and methods for their elimination”, which is available in the instructions for any technical device - “use powder “A” for a cold, pill “B” for a headache, cream “C” for pain in the joints " . And not a single thought about the reasons that caused this or that ailment. Here's something else - it's a minor problem!

Due to the fact that we are constantly busy with important things, we ignore the signals of our body about its imbalance, which are given to us in the form of these same ailments. Instead, we prefer to rely on the familiar pill and let it do the work. Effort minimization tactic fails when the problem outgrows the level of a minor ailment and becomes a disease. Those who realize that it is impossible for them to get sick, and it is simply not economically profitable, go in for sports, or do something else to maintain their health.

If you prefer a preventive approach to the problem of maintaining health, if you want to break out of this vicious circle, then there is a unique offer for you - this is a domestic development, which has no analogues in the world, the "Corrector of the Functional State" of a person.

Functional State Correctors affect, first of all, at the informational level. The information impact tends to accumulate, after a while, the effect of FSC manifests itself as follows - the patient discovers that in order to obtain the same effect, he already needs smaller doses of pharmaceuticals.

In the practice of using FSC, there are many cases of not only reducing doses, but also the complete disappearance of the need to take medications..Under the positive information impact, the body itself coped with the disease. FSC is not only an excellent prophylactic that can prevent the onset of a disease, but also a SIGNIFICANT SUPPORT in traditional treatment, if it is needed at the moment. It is an addition, not a replacement, that allows you to achieve a truly integrated approach to the recovery process.

The use of the FSC device comes down to the fact that you just need to have it! Drink water from the corrector, do pumping, carry with you in your pocket or purse, put in the car, put on the bedside table, in the desktop drawer - just to be nearby.

FSC solves the problem of maintaining health in the most optimal and natural way. These two features make its acquisition a rational approach to your health, consistent with the principle of minimizing effort so beloved by us. This acquisition is economically viable in the long term. The FSC will do its job, and you, as you wanted, will be doing your own business all day long. And this applies not only to lazy people, but also to those who are in sight all day, who find it difficult to find time to take care of themselves.

Keeping order, not fixing disorder, is the highest principle of wisdom. “To eliminate a disease after it has arisen is like digging a well when you are thirsty, or forging weapons when a war has begun.” Eastern wisdom, which we invite you to join, is in fact right now!