FSC against colds and allergies

A runny nose or nasal congestion can happen for various reasons: it can be a cold, an allergic reaction (especially now - the season is starting to bloom) or chronic diseases. How to cope with this in an environmentally friendly way for the body, safe for health with the help of FSC? Recommendations by Kaplina A.V., Platinum Director, speaker of the Company, specialist in diagnostics.

  • Rinse the nose. Structure water on FSC and then instill half a pipette into the nose, one or two drops for children. Which FSCs are needed: "NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC", "LIVING WATER", "EXTRA LORT", No. 1 "ANTI-PARASITIC", No. 2 "DETOX", FSC "Liberator" (also put it on the 5th energy center) and on the nose. If you are sure that it is an allergic reaction, use FSC "ALLERGY PROTECTION".
  • Sniffing FSC No. 16 "CLEAR SPACE", putting its narrow end to the nose. Yes, yes, it is necessary to sniff. Believe me, this method has been tested over the years of my practice on others, especially with allergic reactions. Technique: drink 50 ml of water, and, having opened the channel on FSC No. 16, apply it to the nose for 10-15 minutes, while inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.

After carrying out the instillation procedures with structured water, the process of cleansing the sinuses goes much faster. Water has a detox effect and helps to remove mucus and toxins from our body.

  • And also remember that with a runny nose or nasal congestion, it is important to clean up the physical body. Use Correctors of the "blue" series - this is the base, first aid kit for our body: No. 1 "ANTI-PARASITIC", No. 2 "DETOX", No. 5 "REHABILITATION". During the day use FSC No. 1 and 2, and after 11 p.m. apply FSC No. 5 on the area of ​​the liver (right hypochondrium). And do it regularly, take it as a system until you fully recover from allergies.

In practice, there were cases when I helped remove allergic reactions in people (for example, to cat fur) by offering to drink water structured on FSC No. 5 and applying the Corrector to the cervical region for 10-15 minutes. Sneezing, runny nose, etc. stopped.

Rinse the nose for healthy people (outside of SARS and acute rhinitis, rhinosinusitis) in the current epidemiological situation, it is recommended to do 1, maximum 2 times a day, after they come from the street. To preserve the protective microbiocenosis, your local immunity.

You can also moisten the nose with pharmaceutical peach oil, 3-4 drops 2-3 times a day, so that it does not dry out from daily washings..The oil is well structured on FSC No. 5.

Take care of yourself!