How to remove psychoenergetic influences with the help of FSC plates

Technoexorcism - removal of psychoenergetic influences (evil eye, corruption, love spells, death spells, birth curses, etc.) with the help of technical devices.

Before you start removing the effects, you need to drink at least 4 glasses of water, structured on any corrector of Koltsov's functional state. The minimum set to start working with psycho-energetic influences is any FSC Koltsov of the golden series, better FSC "Fortuna" as the most powerful one. To do this, you need to sit on a chair, hold the corrector between your palms, connecting your fingertips. If you have several correctors, then in order to increase energy and work efficiency, we do this procedure at the time of two pumpings. To do this, place two correctors under the tips of your toes, one under your coccyx and one behind your cervical spine. Use the most powerful, better than the golden series. If you have a lot of FSCs, arrange them additionally in a circle on the seat of the chair in a random order and sit on them. And finally, for very experienced users, it is ideal if, at the same time, the chair on which you are sitting is located in the “Koltsov ring” of 10-18 correctors. During the session, drowsiness, yawning, belching, nausea, and even vomiting are possible, which is a sign of purification from the imposed psychoenergetic impact. The more pronounced the described sensations, the stronger the impact, and, accordingly, more time and effort is required to remove it.

So, we hold our hands freely and begin to mentally or aloud pronounce:

1. All psychoenergetic influences on me and those who created them, I forgive you, I ask your forgiveness, and I release you to where you are destined to be God (Allah, Buddha)

We speak until the thought of someone or something arises: it is either an image of a person, or a visual image, or a sensation appears in the body (pain, goosebumps, pressure, lump, etc.). Next, mentally address this person or feeling:

2. I forgive you, I ask your forgiveness and let you go where you are destined to be God (Allah, Buddha).

We speak until the image of a person or a sensation in the body completely disappears. After that, we again go to point 1, since there can be several influences, including from the same person.

The author of the methodology is the lecturer of the Planet of Regions company A.E. Axelrod.