Tips for those who work with their own hands and come into contact with people

This article will focus on such professions as a hairdresser, makeup artist, tailor, osteopath, masseur, medical staff of hospitals and clinics, etc.

Specialists of these professions voluntarily or involuntarily enter into a bioenergetic exchange with their clients and patients. This energy exchange often leads to the fact that at the end of the working day, the specialist feels like a squeezed lemon. His bioenergy is depleted. Such a de-energized state is a consequence of the fact that during the reception of a patient (or client), the specialist gives him his energy in order to achieve the most positive result, but does not have time to receive new energy in return.

It is known from practice that the more professional a specialist is, the more tired he is after work. A strong loss of biological energy leads to the emergence or development of serious diseases, the consequences of which are unpredictable.

To avoid such a catastrophic "blackout" during the procedures, it is necessary to apply Functional State Correctors. To do this, while working with a client (patient), the FSC is attached to the forearm or shoulder of the right (women) or left (men) hand. This simple measure will not only prevent the specialist from losing power during work, but will also give both him and the patient an additional boost of energy. And after the procedures, both of them will feel a surge of strength and good mood.

The method of attaching the corrector to the hand is up to everyone, the human imagination is limitless (elastic bands, pockets, pins, etc.). You can use FSC to save your energy not only during work! The use of correctors in everyday life will allow you to save your vital energy in any situation.