FSC Koltsov plate and parasites living inside us

Parasites are creatures that feed on other organisms of the plant or animal world and temporarily or permanently reside on or in them. The main task of any parasite is to live unnoticed in the host's body.

It's unpleasant even to think that something extraneous lives inside you. Man, as you know, is not sterile. But parasites in a civilized society are already too much. However, you're not going anywhere. It is possible to get rid of some species - others spread.

Human parasites, what are they?

For many millennia, parasites have managed to adapt to the conditions of existence in the living environment of the human body so well that the body itself is not able to identify and destroy them. But such uninvited guests lead the body to an imbalance, and some can even endanger human life. Common signs of the presence of parasites include factors such as problem skin, headaches, early facial wrinkles, cracked heels, brittle nails, various immune disorders, frequent colds, joint and muscle pain, allergies, anemia, low hemoglobin, diseases mucous membranes. One of the causes of diabetes is the presence of bovine fluke. A person injects insulin, but the root cause has not been removed. And bronchial asthma is ascariasis! Studies have shown that cancer is trichomoniasis, or, more precisely, that stage in which a person finds himself in a borderline state between life and death.

After the destruction of the parasites and the elimination of toxins, the "incurable" diseases also disappeared! Worst of all, parasites can live in a person for years, even decades, without showing themselves in any way. A person feels the presence of these creatures only when there are already a lot of them.

In what parts of the human body do parasites live?

The authors of recent medical studies have found that 95% of adults have at least 1 to 5 types of parasites in their bodies. More than 300 types of parasites can live in the human body!

Contrary to the popular belief that parasites only live in our colon, they can be found in any part of our body: in the lungs, heart, muscles, joints, liver, esophagus, blood, skin, eyes and even in the brain.

How do parasites enter the human body?

They enter the human body in different ways, most often cases of parasites are associated with the use of contaminated water and food. Parasites get inside us with insect bites and even through the air, where dust is a carrier of parasite eggs. Dog and cat fleas carry parasite eggs..Often, infection occurs when swimming in freshwater reservoirs, and cases of infection of infants in the womb have also become more frequent. Pinworm eggs remain viable for up to 6 months and through toys, carpets, underwear and bed linen, hands enter the mouth. Roundworm eggs get inside us through poorly washed strawberries, parsley, dill, apple, grapes, pears, plums, etc. Barbecue or homemade bacon is a 95% guarantee of infection with trichinosis. Salted fish, stroganina or caviar are the cause of infection with a tapeworm, which is up to 12 meters long and can live in your body for up to 25 years. You can get infected through dirty hands, not only your own, but also sellers, cooks, waiters, parasite eggs travel on money and public transport rails.

Is there a remedy for parasites?

Yes, now we can say with confidence that such a tool - effective, safe and easy to use, including at home - is! These are Koltsov's plates!

FSC in this case works on the principle of bioresonance therapy, thereby “correcting” the vibration and harmonizing the entire human body. And the correction of this vibration is fatal for parasites: they stop multiplying and are excreted from the body with mucus. From numerous user experiences, we know that even the most ferocious flu can be defeated in a day, for example, using FSC baths.

The first condition for health is good immunity!

When we wear the FSC on ourselves, it creates a vortex magnetic field, which structures all our internal water. It helps us not to waste our energy, but to structure our entire internal environment due to the energy of the Earth's magnetic field. Information about more than 1500 copies of living plants in their active phase is applied to the FSC in the "language" of longitudinal waves. This is electronic homeopathy! It has long been open treatment for helminths, viruses, bacteria with the help of homeopathy. For example, everyone knows that worms can be driven with a preparation from ordinary wormwood. Informational only. There are more than 200 such preparations on the FSC. And you and I, having drunk some water, structured with the help of the FSC device, we get these homeopathic preparations. So, FSC No. 1 works to counteract any infection. It contains a unique set of additional information, and it works in all areas of our lives.