Why is structured water useful?

It is impossible to imagine human life without water, the quality of which is of particular importance. We offer you to understand one relevant topic - what does structured water mean and is there any benefit from it.Source

Most people are aware of the existence of numerous scientific studies showing that water sees, hears, reads information...

Water is the most powerful natural computer. A couple of years ago, scientists transmitted low-frequency signals to water that a healthy person’s body emits, after which studies were carried out to study its effect on the human body, during and immediately after we drank it. And it turned out that structured water united the aspirations of many generations of people for a miracle cure, it combined living and dead water in its structure.

At the same time, the so-called "dead water" has a pronounced antibacterial effect against pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora. The number of harmful microbes and bacteria decreases many times, and the remaining ones disappear spores, flagella, etc., i.e. they lose their activity and, accordingly, their pathogenicity. Including against Helicobacter bacteria involved in the onset of peptic ulcers.

Healing effects of the so-called. "dead water": When applied externally in the form of lotions, the following therapeutic effects were noted: healing of burns, wounds, ulcers, sweat marks and many other skin diseases.

Healing effects of the so-called. "living water": The living part at the same time allows the beneficial microflora of lacto- and bifidobacteria to actively develop, normalizing the metabolic processes occurring in the body.

Due to its superfluidity (its surface tension is 17% less than that of the original water), it quickly passes into the smallest capillaries, cleaning them from dead cells, and penetrates into the intercellular space, cleansing it from harmful cell secretions. Actively works with the cell, replacing the cellular old water and breathing new life into it, oxygen is more actively carried. With prolonged use, there is a mild dissolution of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder, the purification of capillaries from protein toxins, and the acid-base balance of the whole organism is normalized.

Very well-structured water also works as a preservative; meat and fish treated with this water are stored much longer, preventing rotting. It has a great effect on plants, allowing you to get much larger yields, and at the same time you will get it 1-2 weeks faster, i.e. precocity increases, it is easy to achieve long flowering and aromas in flowers (which we almost forgot about in cities)..If mineral waters act due to chemical elements, then structured water - due to biological activity. Taste this water and you will understand that this water is different from others, it is light, fluid, quickly penetrates into cells and intercellular space, helping the body process food into energy and quickly removes waste harmful substances.

Water structured on FSC is exactly such structured water. She was given the information and frequency of vibrations of the primordial water, the water contained in the body of an absolutely healthy person, and additionally she was recharged with the energy of medicinal plants (a very large spectrum), the so-called "places of power" of our planet (Stonehenge, Arkaim), minerals (shungite) , Ayurvedic preparations and in addition, sets of themes developed by Masaru Emoto are prescribed, images of harmony, love, prosperity are added. All this allowed the water to become softer, quickly flow through the vessels, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cell, clearing the vessels of cholesterol, and the cell and intercellular space from harmful waste substances, allowing you to quickly fill the body with water, health and energy. Thanks to this, the water is filled with oxygen, and this oxygen, entering the blood, the cell with water, activates the production of fast energy from carbohydrates.

Having the frequency of vibrations of a healthy person and encountering foreign (inappropriate) vibrations in the body, water structured on the FSC begins to influence them, correcting them in the right direction, leading to their disappearance and, ultimately, to the recovery of the body. This is how stones dissolve, fibroids dissolve, capillaries are cleaned of protein toxins, and the acid-base balance of the whole organism is normalized. In healthy people, the bioenergetic balance increases by 10-12%, in patients - up to 40%. Blood supply and waste removal at the cell level improves, its work is activated, the body's reserves are significantly increased.

You can understand all this if you remember high school chemistry. Remember the nucleus, orbits, electrons, vibrations… in the end, everything around us and we ourselves represent vibrations, and if they are correct, we are healthy, and since 80% of the molecules in our body are water molecules, our health largely depends on it. From how fluid this water is, how much it has the ability to quickly dissolve and transfer nutrients, etc.

Good water is a living structure and it is easy to check and prove it. Drink structured water, and you will return or come to a new good health!