Diabetes and FSC

When treating diabetes, two important points are often forgotten:

1. Diabetes mellitus is, first of all, a problem of the pancreas. That is, it is a problem of the hormonal system, which is obliged to maintain balance in the body. One of the functions of the pancreas is to keep the kidneys working. If urine filtration is impaired in the kidneys, the pancreas reduces the secretion of insulin and sugar is not deposited in the liver in the form of glycogen - this is a concentrated form of sugar. That is, if a huge amount of toxins has accumulated in the body, which becomes dangerous for health, sugar, excreted through the kidneys, pulls a large amount of toxins with it. Thanks to this mechanism, the balance is restored. At the same time, sugar appears in the urine and blood during tests. If the liver is activated, then sugar ceases to be excreted from the body and is stored in the form of glycogen in the depot. Accordingly, slags cease to stand out. And this again causes imbalance. Therefore, many do not succeed in this case.

FSC №2 and "Balance" work with diabetes. After all, it helps to remove toxins. And the more toxins leave the body, the less the pancreas needs to be loaded with work.

2. Another stumbling block in working with the pancreas. These are our emotions. The pancreas is extremely sensitive to stress. And now in our society, the stress level just rolls over. Therefore, such patients should be taught to work with stress. It's either drugs or psychology. Homeopathy is good here, and psychology is even better. That's it.

But these two points: slagging and stress do not make it possible to eliminate diabetes mellitus if they are not taken into account in their work in the aggregate.

Correctors very well and quickly help to overcome stressful situations, this action in itself will provide strong support to the pancreas. This is a completely safe drug-free action, due to the psycho-emotional images included in the set of information recorded on the correctors, as well as by increasing the overall energy level of the body.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the pressure. Because when the pancreas oversees the kidneys, it increases the pressure in them to push through the stagnant and compressed mass of toxins..It is dangerous to reduce pressure with pharmaceuticals, because at this time the toxins settle in the kidneys and stones may form in the future. It is necessary to give the body a large amount of structured water in order to ensure flushing not due to pressure in the vessels, but due to the amount of water. Therefore, when drinking structured water, the pressure will gradually decrease. Moreover, the decrease will take place smoothly, and the body will gradually, and not abruptly (which is very dangerous), get used to normal pressure.

Get used to drinking water. This is easier to do in the presence of FSC, since the body accepts structured water much better, since it is similar to water in organs and tissues.

Follow the well-known recommendations: in the first half of the day - the first plate, after 16 hours - the second, during the day FSC "Balance". Water will work both to normalize pressure and to remove toxins. This result of the work of the FSC will provide a real opportunity to reduce or eliminate pharmaceuticals. After all, this is chemistry that the liver must process, deliver the vessels to the kidneys, which will bring it out.