FSC in solving problems with alcohol addiction

The negative impact of alcohol on health is absent only if a person does not drink alcohol at all. Everyone else experiences the effects of alcohol to some degree. Not a single system of the human body remains "indifferent" even to the most harmless, at first glance, doses of alcohol.


First of all, alcohol has a negative effect on the digestive organs: the esophagus, stomach, pancreas. There is damage and destruction of the cells of the inner surface of the digestive organs, burns and necrosis of their tissues; atrophy of the glands that secrete gastric juice; death of cells that produce insulin. Which, in turn, leads to disruption of the absorption of nutrients, inhibition of the release of digestive enzymes, stagnation of food in the stomach. Damage manifests itself in the form of sharp pains in the abdomen, digestive problems, gastritis, diabetes, pancreatitis, stomach cancer.


Alcohol from the stomach enters the blood very quickly - and here its negative influence continues.
First, alcohol contributes to the destruction of erythrocytes - human blood cells. As a result, deformed red blood cells are unable to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues (and carbon dioxide back), as well as perform a number of other functions. As a result, at the age of 35-40, he will inevitably face diseases of the cardiovascular system: coronary disease, atherosclerosis, arrhythmias.
Secondly, there is a violation of the regulation of blood sugar levels - can lead to an increase or decrease. Which, in turn, leads to irreversible consequences: diabetic conditions, problems with blood vessels, disruption of the nervous system, brain.
Thirdly, the absorption of a large amount of beer is dangerous for the cardiovascular system. This leads to the formation of a "bull's heart" (it is also called a beer heart) - increased in volume, prone to more frequent contractions. Hence - all kinds of arrhythmias, increased pressure.

The BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM suffer the most from alcohol

First of all, alcohol is dangerous for the brain because here its concentration is much higher than in other organs..It is for the brain tissue that alcohol is especially toxic - and that is why the state of intoxication when drinking alcohol is so obvious. We used to call it harmless, sometimes even poetic, words: “relax”, “forget”, “get drunk”, “alcohol turned your head”. In fact, everything is much more prosaic and sad - alcohol leads to the destruction of the cerebral cortex, numbness and subsequent death of its areas. The brain of drinking people looks like this: wrinkled, reduced in volume, covered with scars, ulcers, edema, with many dilated (often torn) vessels, cysts in places of necrosis of brain areas. The influence of alcohol on health is also reflected in the work of the nervous system - due to paralysis of the centers of mental administration, problems with memory and attention, perception of the world around us, mental development, thinking, psyche and, ultimately, degradation of the personality are manifested. In the end, a large dose of alcohol (1 -1.25 liters for an adult) can lead to a coma, death.


Under the influence of alcohol, liver cells die - a scar forms in their place, which does not perform the life-forming functions of the liver, which leads to all kinds of metabolic disorders and cirrhosis. The death of liver cells leads to shrinkage, decreases in size, which in turn leads to vasoconstriction, stagnation of blood and increased pressure in them. Rupture of blood vessels leads to bleeding. In most cases, they die from it.

S.V. Koltsov, at the very beginning of the development of our Company, created FSC No. 1 "ANTI-PARASITIC", No. 2 "DETOX", No. 5 "REHABILITATION", and later No. 11 "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE", "AMARANT", "SPRING OF SHAMBALA", "SPRING OF LAM ”, “BALANCE”, “THREE SAINTS”, “PARASKEVA”, “HEALTH”, “NEUROVITA”.

The main task of the Functional State Correctors:

  1. Remove poisons and toxins from the body resulting from the effects of alcohol on organs and systems
  2. Restore the state of organs and systems damaged by alcohol at the cellular level to their normal functional state.
  3. Remove dependence on alcohol through the restoration of organs and systems of a damaged organism. (This state is possible only with an irrepressible desire to get rid of alcohol addiction)..

We have been working with our Regional Narcological Dispensary for many years. We received a large number of positive results.

You need to start working with FSC No. 2 in order to very powerfully “remove” toxins from the body. In parallel, it is necessary to connect FSCs No. 5 and No. 11, which directly contribute to getting rid of addiction and lead to the restoration of the most important organs and systems of the body. FSC#11 also helps to cleanse the human biofield from the effects of negative programs. It starts the processes of removing and destroying all negative programs, disbands fears, regulates the production of adrenaline, harmonizes the hormonal background, stimulates the development of aversion to bad habits - alcohol, smoking, overeating, drug addiction.

Subsequently, we recommend connecting the AMARANTH FSC to restore the liver cell in its original form, restore carbohydrate, fat, cholesterol metabolism, and also helps to restore altered pancreatic cells and the entire gastrointestinal tract.

FSC "SPRING OF SHAMBALA", "SPRING OF LAM", "BALANCE" additionally restore the liver cell to its original form, the cells of the pancreas, thereby restoring the organ itself - the liver, pancreas, metabolic processes of the body. Proper absorption of nutrients occurs. The processes of purification and powerful regeneration are launched in case of damage of a different nature (intoxication, obesity, etc.), the work of various organ systems is normalized - cardiovascular, hematopoietic, hormonal, the body's metabolism is restored.

FSC "THREE SAINTS", "PARASKEVA", "HEALTH", "NEUROVITA" contribute to the restoration of brain cells, nerve cells, neural connections, psychological processes in the body damaged by alcohol. Promotes the return of figurative memory, the restoration of cognitive functions of the brain, the disclosure of creative potential. There is a harmonizing effect on the work of the cerebral hemispheres, their activation and synchronization FSC allows the disclosure of sensitive abilities, the development of intuition. There is a harmonization of the emotional state, the removal of psycho-emotional stress and neurotic states during stress, increased mental and physical stress..FSC contributes to the elimination of spasms of cerebral vessels and restoration of cerebral circulation, normalization of intracranial pressure. In addition, FSC "ZDRAVA" and "NEUROVITA" contribute to the prevention of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system (this is a decrease in intelligence, memory disorder, behavior change, etc.) .Contribute to the restoration of the vestibular apparatus, relief of attacks of dizziness, including those accompanied by nausea, vomiting, tinnitus (for example, with high blood pressure)

There is a restoration of various forms of pathology of brain neurons, as well as. contributes to their activation in the presence of existing structural disorders that are not compatible with normal functioning. FSC "NEUROVITA" even more thoroughly contributes to the elimination of concomitant symptoms, reduction of movement disorders, speech and mental disorders, normalization of the state of the emotional-volitional sphere (harmonization of the psycho-emotional state, the work of the cerebral hemispheres), contributes to the normalization of microcirculation processes in the brain, central and peripheral nervous system , more effective passage of rehabilitation processes; restoration of innervation (passage of nerve impulses along nerve fibers), restoration and prevention of neurovegetative disorders (insomnia, headaches, deterioration in general condition, vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc.) It has a preventive effect in the presence of borderline diseases of the nervous system (neuroses of various origins) as a result of constant stress and overload

FSC "RODNIK LAM" has a complex effect on the body on all planes (subtle and physical): launches global health improvement programs at the level of consciousness, initiates the processes of harmonization of the psyche at the subconscious level, normalizes the state of the nervous system, bringing the processes of excitation and inhibition into physiological balance ..Removes the state of internal aggression and tension, which leads a person to a state of awareness of being, contributes to the acquisition of a stable state of inner harmony and perception of the world "here" and "now", the formation of character, especially in adolescence, training and acceptance of states of patience, tolerance, adequate perception the world and one's place in it, stimulating the desire to learn, striving for enlightenment and broadening one's intellectual horizons, courage and spiritual fortitude in the face of the temptations of society.

The Company's products, in particular FSC, are an indispensable tool in solving problems with alcohol addiction, however, you need an independent strong desire to get rid of this disease and, of course, this desire should be supported by relatives and friends.