Caring for women's health with FSC Mamma

A woman is the keeper of the family hearth, her health is the key to the well-being and happiness of the whole family. Sometimes various ailments interfere with enjoying life and giving this joy to the surrounding woman. For example, at least half of the female population of reproductive age suffers from fibrocystic mastopathy - this is a pathological condition of the mammary glands, accompanied by the appearance of seals and cysts of various sizes and shapes. The peak incidence occurs between the ages of 30 and 45. For fibrocystic mastopathy, the following manifestations are characteristic: pain, seals in the mammary gland and the appearance of secretions from the milk canals. Although fibrocystic breast disease is considered a benign disease, in some cases it is an intermediate process in the formation of a malignant formation.

Another fairly common disease - mastitis - is an inflammation of the breast tissue, which occurs as a result of infection with bacteria. Manifested by swelling of the gland, pain, redness of the skin, fever. 85% of women with mastitis are nulliparous (or breastfeeding for the first time). This is due to the high incidence of milk stasis due to inept pumping. Women over thirty who are not breastfeeding for the first time develop mastitis, as a rule, as a result of reduced protective properties of the body due to one or another concomitant chronic disease.

Collection FSC "MAMMA" will take care of women's health:

  • Promotes the prevention and correction of inflammatory diseases of the mammary glands (acute and chronic mastitis)
  • Promotes the prevention and reduction of the risk of pathological changes of various etiologies in the cells of mammary gland tissues
  • Prevents the development of existing diseases of the mammary glands and promotes the regression of PIC (pathologically altered cells)
  • Promotes the prevention and correction of fibrocystic changes in breast tissue, incl. hormonal origin
  • Helps to relieve lactostasis (stagnation of milk in the excretory ducts of the mammary gland of a nursing woman)

To effectively address issues related to health improvement and prevention, it is necessary to correctly apply the FSC "MAMMA"..

Recommendations for the use of the MAMMA FSC:

  • Use FSC-structured water (structured for at least 15 minutes)
  • Make external lotions, wraps, applications on the mammary glands using structured water
  • FSC "MAMMA" has a beneficial effect on the restoration of the functional state of the female reproductive system as a whole, if it is used together with other Correctors - FSC No. 3 "FEMALE", FSC No. 13 "HEALTHY INTELLIGENCE", FSC "POWERFUL WATER"
  • If there are benign and malignant tumors, cysts, fibroadenomas in the mammary gland, it is recommended to use FSC "OLGIR" together with FSC "MAMMA"
  • Nursing mothers should use MAMMA FSC to improve lactation - milk production
  • Pumping the hormonal system: place the FSC “FORMULA OF LOVE. YAN”, under the left – FSC “FORMULA OF LOVE. YIN”, hold in hands – FSC “MAMMA” and “INDI”
  • Pumping for quick harmonization and elimination of psycho-emotional stress: place the FSC FORMULA OF LOVE under the right foot. YANG”, under the left – “FORMULA OF LOVE. YIN”, hold in hands – FSC “MAMMA” and FSC “LOVE” or FSC “HARMONY”