Techniques of pumping with the help of Koltsov's FSC

The use of FSC for preventive purposes provides the body with additional energy. But, for this, you must first “plug all the holes” through which energy can leave the body, therefore it is recommended to periodically activate all the energy centers of the body with the help of FSC. Such activation procedures are called "pumps". Several options for pumping have been developed. Perform once or twice a day, the duration at the beginning of work with FSC is from 1-2 minutes, gradually increase to 5-10 minutes for each pumping. General recommendation: it is better to do several even short (2-3 minutes) pumping during the day than one long one (fractional), while it is desirable to do pumping at regular intervals (uniformity).

The FSC numbers that you will use for pumping are not of fundamental importance, all FSCs have the effect required for pumping. There is a recommendation: to change the location of the correctors from pumping to pumping. Perhaps in the lectures you will come across recommendations for specific boosts to use certain correctors, these are author's boosts, now let's look at the most basic ones. It is allowed to use FSCs of various series (colors) in pumping, lilac FSCs are used in pumping in the so-called passive mode (more on that below).

Cross or so-called. cross pumps

The feet and hands are pumped. These are powerful energy centers of our body, all meridians go to them. The diagonal principle is used here. One FSC under the foot, the other in the hand - diagonally, then under the other foot and into the other hand. Likewise for a few minutes. It is recommended to perform while standing. For those who find it difficult, you can also do it in a lying position without getting out of bed, but in this case it is more difficult to ensure that the plate fits the foot. You can, in extreme cases, get by with one FSC, but it will be a little less effective and take twice as long. In this case, simply shift the FSC from one place to another, following the scheme described above. After pumping, many people note the appearance of a feeling of lightness, energy.

It is advisable to keep track of the time, the pumping time of both diagonals should be equal. By the way, if possible, use 4 FSCs at once – under both feet and in both palms..It can be performed from two times a day (morning and evening), with purposeful intensive work, it can be done more often (every 2 hours during the day), preferably at regular intervals. Start with 1-2 minutes per diagonal, gradually increasing to 10 minutes. To increase the intensity, there is such a recommendation: during execution, periodically slightly strain to relax the hands and feet, this increases blood flow.

With cross pumping, the lymphatic drainage system is well restored. To clean the lymphatic drainage system, it is recommended to use FSC No. 2, 5, 10, for adjustment - 1, 9.

Pumping the spine

It is performed with two correctors, one is placed under the coccyx, the second - under the cervical region. Capture both the fourth coccygeal vertebra and the first cervical. Start with 1-2 minutes a day, then gradually increase the time. If there is no pathology of the spine, perform three times a day, if there is, then more often. For beginners, start with pumping one and two, swap them: that is, if once a one is under the coccyx, a two is under the cervical region, then in the next procedure, swap them - two under the coccyx, one under the neck.

If you want to increase the efficiency of pumping the spine, use FSCs that are coordinated in orientation. To pump the spine with traction, use a matched pair of FSCs: No. 10 and 13. Additionally, this pumping normalizes blood supply in the cervical spine, in the eye area.

Pumping is an energy procedure, it does not replace the manual straightening of the spine by an osteopath, but as an additional measure between sessions, it is very good. If there are hernias on the spine, then pain may be felt in these places when pumping.

Chakra boost

For beginners to work with blue FSCs. One FSC is placed under the coccyx, the second - one by one on all chakras - from the first to the sixth for equal periods of time (1-3 minutes each). Orientation of the upper corrector across the body. Seventh - the crown chakra is not pumped, it opens itself if the first six chakras are working normally. After a few months, if ready and desired, you can switch to using stronger correctors from other series..Advanced users can perform this pumping with a large number of FSCs, one is under the coccyx, others are placed on several chakras at once, this reduces the total time of the procedure, in fact, this is the transition to "Intensive" pumping (see below in the text). Yawning while pumping means energetic cleansing.

Please note that since the end of 2016, Sergey Valentinovich began to say that our chakras should work in two perpendicular directions: “never forget that our chakras are arranged independently in two directions, one direction along the spine, that is, for In order to open, you must first put the FSC under the coccyx, but then it must be on a perpendicular projection on the body. Because they close completely independently in the vertical and horizontal directions. Don't forget that or you won't see real answers quickly." Thus, pumping the spine or restoring the chakras with the help of the 18th FSC does not replace this pumping!

Volume chakra pumping

Hotchenkova N. V.: Volumetric pumping of the chakras - when you take two correctors, and put one on the front surface of the body, and the other on the back surface of the body. Pumping is done from the bottom up, and each chakra is pumped for one minute. Most often, we use “Love” and “Harmony” on the back surface of the body, because they have the largest frequency range, and at the same time are quite soft. Here on the front surface - depending on which chakra is pierced. One is a universal corrector, it can be put to any chakra, of course, except for the first and crown, because they are, as it were, located at the ends of the body. And I also remind you that FSCs must be parallel, either this way or this way - horizontally, but exactly parallel. Even on the front surface, over time, you can use "Healing" - the first or second is not important. It is better to coordinate the FSC before performing this pumping (see Appendix 2), and use them without changing the relative orientation.

Pumping the kidney meridian

Vladimir Grigoryevich Bozhko gives the following recommendation for pumping all the vessels, the meridians of the gallbladder and kidneys: put correctors in socks at night - under the heels. Such pumping works well with the vessels of the legs (varicose veins)..

Leveling the Sun according to the method of Elena Merzlyakova

Several FSCs are laid out around a chair, and the little man sits quietly there. Correctors can be either blue or lilac. With blue ones a little longer - thirty minutes, with lilac ones shorter - 15-20 minutes is enough. The field is recovering very well.

A path of correctors according to the method of Elena Merzlyakova

Correctors are laid out at a step distance from each other, and a person simply steps over them. It is advisable not to confuse the colors - the energy density is different. Therefore, it is better to separately blue, separately lilac. Green correctors - try it, but in my opinion they don’t jump from dolmen to dolmen. They don’t jump from Arkaim to Olkhon, here the impact should be more even, longer. And a person simply steps over these correctors. In addition to the fact that there is a good recovery of blood vessels and joints, immunity is well improved from this procedure, when the children begin to snot, carry the infection from kindergarten or from school, settle down as a pioneer detachment and stomp together. 10 minutes is enough, but in general it is difficult to stop. Elena Mikhailovna recommends "walking along the path" while thinking about your plans - they are implemented faster.

Vladimir Grigoryevich Bozhko's universal boosts

The human energy system consists of subtle bodies, chakras and meridians. And this whole complex system is controlled by the "Ruler" - this is how the front and back middle meridians were called in ancient Rus'.

The anterior median meridian begins at the midpoint between the coccyx and anus, rises along the anterior wall of the peritoneum, chest, chin, and ends at the lower nasolabial fold. Energy flows from bottom to top. Yin, feminine energy flows along this meridian. The back middle meridian also starts at the lowest point of the body between the genitals and the anus, goes around our buttocks, back, head, descends through the nose, through the forehead into the upper nasolabial fold. The energy along these two meridians flows in opposite directions. Moreover, the energy begins to flow from the first moment of the formation of your body, and until the last moment of your life. As long as energy flows along these meridians, a person lives. Human energy chakras lie on these meridians. It is worth stopping the flow of energy along these meridians for at least a minute - a person can die..These are the rulers that connect all the subtle bodies of a person into a single whole. It is extremely important to keep these meridians free of blockages and energy blockages.

Pumping is done in a course of 14 days, one course in three months. The pumping is very powerful, on those days when it is performed, you can not do the rest of the pumping. Pumping is done only with blue FSCs, the numbers are not important. The complex completely restores symmetry in the human energy-information field, starts the work of energy centers - chakras, with 90% of all known diseases, this improves the physiological state of any patient.

Before pumping, drink a glass of FSC-structured water.

Take one FSC and sit on it, the long side is oriented along the axis from the genitals to the anus. The general rule is to orient the correctors with the long side along the energy flow along the meridian with which you are working. Place the second corrector vertically on the jugular fossa. We do not install it on the nasolabial fold, this is the sensory zone of the body, it is better not to touch it. Keep in this position for 7 minutes - this is pumping the front middle meridian.

Then transfer the corrector from the jugular fossa to the frontal chakra, and also hold for 7 minutes - this is a pumping of the back middle meridian. In that order, and not both at once.

Next, the meridians of the three heaters are pumped, this and all subsequent pumpings are done for 5 minutes. The FSC you were sitting on is removed, one FSC is placed on the middle of the chest, the other two on the shoulders at an angle of 45 degrees. This is a pumping of the lung meridian.

If there are diseases associated with the meridians of the hands, and there are the meridians of the heart, pericardium, lungs, large intestine, and so on, then you also need to pump the meridians of the hands. You remove this central corrector, leave these two, and place two on your palms. And within 5 minutes you do this universal pumping.

The meridian of the lower heater is pumped next. The middle corrector is set 4 fingers below the navel - on the middle line of the abdomen, this is the tan-tien point, this is the point on which energy is concentrated in martial arts, and two FSCs are placed on the side on the projection of the hip joint. The place where the bones are right under the skin, you can feel it. We install and do this pumping for 5 minutes..There is an additional energy system here, which goes from the tan-tien point, two channels go directly to the hip joints, and this energy completely nourishes all the organs of the small pelvis, completely nourishes our gynecology, as well as the vessels, joints, of our legs. If you have only two correctors, you can do this pumping like this: always the left side is pumped first, then the right side is pumped. This rule must be strictly observed. You can pump arms, legs while standing, you can pump lying down, as you like.

If you have diseases associated with the meridians of the legs, that is, these are diseases of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, kidneys, bladder, then you additionally need to pump the meridians of the legs. To do this, we remove the central FSC, leave the two side FSCs, and make this position. To make it clear, look at this projection, this lower correctors are placed under the feet, and the side correctors also remain vertically on the projections of the hip joints.

The complex ends with pumping the middle heater. The central FSC is installed vertically on the solar plexus. How to find it? Take the ends of your ribs and draw a straight line towards the middle of your abdomen and you will find the solar plexus. And on the side, the correctors are no longer placed vertically, but horizontally, this is the only position when the correctors are placed horizontally. Why is it so important? Because there is a wonderful meridian along the diaphragm, and here it is imperative to put correctors along it. Runtime 5 minutes.

Leveling with golden FSCs

Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov recommends placing the FSC “Mirror of the Soul” (No. 21) under the coccyx for 5 minutes, then for 5 minutes on the crown of the head and for another 5 minutes on the heart chakra (on the thymus). You can drink water structured on the same FSC before pumping, this will work as a preset channel. Such pumping effectively restores the biofield. According to this scheme, it is recommended to use the rest of the numbers of gold plates.

Dry nose

If you have a runny nose, apply FSC No. 16 to the tip of your nose with a narrow end and hold for 10-15 minutes. This should be done several times a day.

Leveling "Sports"

Not recommended for beginners. Must be done on the move..

Place two FSCs of the blue series, you can use No. 1 and No. 5, just below the ankles of both legs on the inside. Place FSC No. 2 on the sacrum and just do exercises or sports for 20-60 minutes.

Lymph flow pumping

FSC No. 2 is used to pump the lymph flow, the effect of the procedure will be higher if you do exercises before starting it.

Pumping is done from the bottom up. Take the corrector and alternately apply the narrow end for 1-2 minutes to the following points:

Under the feet, while doing torso to the sides and turns to the right and left;

Under your knees, squat several times;

On the groin, squat several times;

Left and right hypochondrium, breathe deeply with your stomach;

Subclavian lymph nodes, breathe deeply with your chest;

Cervical lymph nodes, push the jaw forward;

Submandibular lymph nodes, chewing;

Behind the ear lymph nodes, make chewing movements.

You can first pump on the right side and then on the left, you can apply alternately (right and left foot, right and left knee, etc.)

Pumping a local problem area

Two FSCs of the blue series are required: one is located under the coccyx, the other is located above the problem area, at the site of the pathological process in the organ, or in the projection of pain (except for the heart area). For example, in case of a diseased liver, the second FSC should be applied to the projection of the liver, in case of uterine pain - to the projection of the uterus, etc.
The duration of pumping each of the problem areas is from 30 seconds to three minutes. To pump paired organs, place two FSCs on the projections of these organs. For example, for
When pumping the kidneys, place the correctors from the back at a distance of about 15 cm from each other, pumping time is 3-5 minutes.

"Intensive pumping"

Not recommended for beginners. Any FSC can be used, but in a passive state (without opening channels). For pumping, you will need 11 FSCs. Two correctors must be coordinated (see Appendix 2) and placed under the coccyx and under the seventh cervical vertebra. You lie on your back on these two correctors, and place the rest on top of all 9 energy centers, the orientation of the FSC is across the body. Gradually increase the pumping time from 2 to 20 minutes.

Leveling for women

This pumping is used for the prevention and correction of gynecological diseases. It is recommended to do it lying down..In pumping, you can use any FSC of the blue and green series. If you have 10 FSCs, it is recommended to place them at once on all the points indicated on the diagram (under the feet - two FSCs - under each foot). Pumping time 20-30 minutes. If you have three FSCs, then collect them with a house and apply the “house” alternately on each point for 1-2 minutes.

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The Slavic system of energy centers has 144 chakras, including additional or minor chakras. We will activate a number of energy centers responsible for the physical, mental and spiritual development of a person.

The order in which FSCs are applied to certain chakras is very important, otherwise the chakras will not open. Fix one corrector on the back of the right hand above the wrist joint (for example, with a hair tie), the other on the left hand. Thus, carry out all the settings.

Postava 1. Put your hands on the hip joints on the right and left for 5-10 minutes until you feel warmth in the legs and body. At the same time, the chakras of the hip joints are activated, while the chakras of the knees and feet are turned on in parallel;

All subsequent settings are performed from one to three minutes.

Postava 2. We put the right hand with the palm of our back on the “Source” chakra (located in the perineum region), and the left hand on the “Spring” chakra (in the region of the crown);

Postava 3. The left hand is placed in front of the "Zarod" chakra (three fingers below the navel), and the right hand is parallel behind;

Postava 4. The left hand is superimposed on the "Spool" (navel) chakra, and the right hand is parallel to the back of the lordotic bend of the lumbar spine;

Postava 5. The left hand is superimposed on the "Belly" chakra (three fingers above the navel), and the right hand is parallel behind.

Setting 6. Activate the Lada and Lelya chakras. We put the left hand under the right collarbone, and bring the right hand back behind the left shoulder (the farther, the better). That is, we hug ourselves, hands are crossed. At the same time, not only the Lada and Lelya chakras are pumped, but the Yarlo chakra is automatically opened and the energy balance of receiving and returning energy is restored..Gradually, blood pressure normalizes, which is disturbed due to the wrong energy balance of "took" - "gave" (when a person cannot or does not want to give and receive love). Additionally, the thymus is fed.

Postava 7. The left hand is placed in front of the zone of the jugular notch (as if hugging the throat) - on the “Mouth” chakra, and the right hand is placed on the back of the neck, parallel to the left hand.

Postava 8. The left hand is placed in front of the forehead, on the forehead chakra, and the right hand in the region of the first cervical vertebra. At the same time, the Ascension chakra is activated.

Setting 9. Repeating setting 2: the right hand is located behind the coccyx, as close as possible to the perineum, and the left hand is on the “Spring” chakra (temechko).

Postava 10. Additionally, you can pump the knee chakras (the left hand is located in front, and the right hand behind) and the feet (the right hand is placed under the foot, the left hand is parallel on top).

Leveling through the minor and major chakras

In addition to the 7 main ones, a person has 21 more small chakras: siupney, knee, inguinal, umbilical, splenic, intercostal, clavicular, shoulder, elbow, palmar, ear. The spleen chakra is not paired, all the rest are paired. Some diseases can occur when there are problems in small chakras, so you need to pay attention to their pumping with the help of FSC.

Pumping is performed in the supine position, with blue FSCs in the following sequence, 1-3 minutes for each combination:

One FSC should be placed on the splenic chakra, the second and the third – on the main chakras, points 2 and 3, thus, three correctors of the functional state will be needed;

Further, five FSCs are applied simultaneously. Put two on the chakras of the feet (under the feet), two on the palm chakras (inner side of the hand), the fifth corrector - on point 7;

Two FSCs should be placed on the knee chakras (behind the knees), two on the elbow chakras, and the fifth one on point 1;

Put two FSCs on the inguinal chakras, two on the clavicular chakras, and the fifth one on point 6;

Put two FSCs on the ear chakras, two on the intercostal chakras, and the fifth on point 4;

Put two FSCs on the shoulder chakras, two on the navel chakras, and the fifth one on point 5;

Opening the first and seventh chakras.

Since 2017, S.V..Koltsov began to recommend periodically performing the following procedure with FSC No. 20, as he encountered the fact that many users had astral entities, moreover, in the head area, and this despite the fact that a person wore a belt of several FSCs on his body, and in general I have been using plates for a long time.

Put FSC No. 20 on the crown for 10 minutes (for the first time, it may take more time, you can check “Is it enough to hold already?” You can use a mint). Then put FSC No. 20 under the coccyx for the same time. That is, if you simply put the FSC under the coccyx, sit on it, stand in a circle, it may not reach your head. If you keep the FSC only on the crown, the entity can migrate. Koltsov S. V .: “In your hands - without a head, do not drive away essences. But it’s just that this year I was in Mongolia and noticed with surprise - in any other way, you start using twenty, well, don’t pull anything off your head, you need to put it on the crown of your head. If you spend ten minutes, then it will be enough for two times, because there were situations when and longer. Typically less than 10 minutes." When we start using from the head, the Chalan channel first works, and even if they start to move, then when we sit, the Perun channel starts working and burns these entities, but Perun "does not reach" the upper chakras.

Pay special attention to the following recommendation of Koltsov: “If there is some kind of malaise, then the cloudiness in the head begins, the first sign that they have closed from above and below. You start using the corrector not from the address for which it is intended, namely from the crown of the head and from the coccygeal zone. The presence of entities can interfere with work with problems in the body, work first with twenty.

Moreover, at the end of 2018, Sergey Valentinovich noted that a non-physiological rhythm of 14-28-56 seconds appeared in the external field, the program associated with this rhythm “closes” more than half of our chakras, including the first and seventh. The program is complex, it is not filmed by one FSC, it is recommended to use successively FSC 20, 23, “Gobi Gold”, “Gobi Code”, “Wonderworker”, that is, each of the above FSC “wipes / cleans up” some part of this program imposed on us..For example, they put a twenty on her head, she worked, did everything she could and therefore “shut up”, but if you then put the 23rd, then she has something to work with, she works out what she can and “turns off” and so on.