The device and principle of operation of the FSC

FSC is a device containing two outer plates made of magnetic plastic that do not contain toxic materials. External dimensions 55x78 mm. In the corners and in the center inside these plates there are five identical devices 14x19.5 mm in size, made in the form of four-layer rectangular plates made of high-quality magnetized rubber, with a hole in the center of each plate (waveguide).

Each of these devices uses the cooperative effect of adding the fields of 5 magnets with the combination of oppositely directed poles of asymmetrically magnetized elements to create a scalar magnetic field that generates longitudinal electromagnetic forces.

The internal design of each of the five plates is made in accordance with patents No. 2214843 and No. 2262361. The device for protection against mechanical damage is placed in a hard plastic case (ABS grade 750A) with a marking on one of the outer surfaces of the CFS type, and on the other - Ribbed pattern for holding liquid containers. Both surfaces are working.

The device implements three "KNOW-HAW", and this is secured by three patents of the Russian Federation; all patents are also made international. We can say that FSC is THREE DEVICES IN ONE.

1. Conclusion of the "Sanepidemnadzor" (confirming and guaranteeing the safety of all materials used and the possibility of using the device as a "stand" for food and water).

2. Certificate of Conformity (stating that any device purchased by the consumer is made according to the manufacturer's specifications, i.e. exactly the same as the one invented by the developer and the same as the one that was provided to various authorities and for which all conclusions and certificates were obtained) .

3. Registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of Russia (prescribes the purpose of the device, i.e. what it "does") defining the device as a "Functional State Corrector".

4. There is another non-mandatory, but very impressive document - a conclusion on the quality of water structuring by Koltsov's FSC device - more related to the field of voluntary certification.

The device is extremely convenient to use: you just need to carry it with you and structure water with it, that is, use it as a filter stand or dishes with food.

FSC action mechanism:

Information recording was made by EM waves of various ranges on a magnetic carrier using the so-called. "longitudinal wave effect"..Longitudinal waves, figuratively speaking, “cells talk”; it is their real language without an interpreter and without interference; and this is "a direct wire to the office of the universe." Therefore, everything that is written in the language of longitudinal waves, and everything that is then transmitted by these waves to the cell, is precisely understood by it and accurately executed. This is complex and “new physics”, and two patents have been issued for how this is done (I send those who are interested to the developer’s lectures). For "housewives", I will say that even if YOU do not understand anything, the device will work for your health. Any grandmother who has never heard such words as “endocrine system” and “longitudinal waves” can safely use it. In order to do everything that is written above, you just need to carry the device with you and use it as a water stand, well, you need to drink more water of this, of course (30 g of water per 1 kg of weight per day).

Creating a longitudinal wave allows you to send control signals to the cell in the most efficient way, because. it is the way that Nature herself uses. Therefore, everything that the FSC does, even where its properties intersect with other devices, it does in the best way available today.

Perhaps, at first glance, it will seem to someone that the device does not look very "solid" and, indeed, it is a kind of record, but, of course, it deserves the serious name "device".

The creation of Koltsov's plate is the result of a new understanding of the structure of the universe. The physical effect used in the development is called the "longitudinal wave effect". This invention was made by a physicist, but it belongs to the field of biology, namely, to the means of controlling the state of biological objects and protecting them from the damaging effects of EM radiation.

The three main directions of the FSC device are the basic directions for our health:

  • Correction of the functional state, i.e. correction of violations (imbalance) in the work of the main internal systems of the body (heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys, etc.) at the stage of violation of their function. This function is performed automatically, as needed, and without the participation and control of the user.
  • Water structuring, i.e. creation of a unique biologically active liquid, curative for the human and animal body, in a way that allows you to make the consumption of structured water a way of life. This is essentially a new qualitative level of functioning, when the body moves into the zone of its superpowers..
  • Protection of the body from the effects of electromagnetic radiation, which is today the most powerful environmental factor that destroys human health. This protection is not only an effective prevention of serious diseases, but in many cases it is the best "investment" in the treatment of a number of so-called. "incurable" diseases. This function is performed automatically, as needed, and without the participation and control of the user.

The result of the complex use of the Koltsov plate is the synchronization of the body with the changed and changing biorhythms of the universe, the restoration of the normal operation of the body's control systems: nervous, immune and endocrine and, as a result, the normalization of many important health indicators (pressure, "sugar", weight, pH -blood, brain biorhythms).

The Koltsov plate effectively "replaces" the total use of many expensive devices, it is much cheaper, simpler and more convenient to use. Some CFS features cannot be replaced by anything.

Today, there are six groups of devices that differ in the additional information embedded (recorded) in them:

  • FSC blue series
  • Lilac series of FSC "Cosmoenergetics"
  • Green series of FSC "Places of Power"
  • Gold Series
  • Exclusive Series
  • Collector Series

The programs are described in detail in each device passport and on our website.

The functional state of the body reflects how well its internal main systems (heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, etc.) perform their work (function). When all of these systems work well and smoothly, the body is healthy, and its work can be compared to an orchestra playing a harmonious melody. If, for any reason, one or another organ goes out of order, a false note appears in the sound of the orchestra. How the FSC (model) works: being with you, the device, as it were, tests you all the time, makes a kind of diagnostics for you, compares the playing of your orchestra with the standard. When the device "hears" a false note, it (based on the energy and information of this signal) creates a return signal (electromagnetic pulse), which, in resonance mode, neutralizes the first one, eliminating the imbalance.

Koltsov's corrector is a new generation of bioresonance therapy devices.

FSC is a self-oscillator, it turns on from the body's signal (like a windmill starts to rotate from the wind) and, creating a countersignal, "makes" the best, most accurate "medicine" for this problem. The work of FSC can also be defined as electronic homeopathy..It is essential that this does not require attention and control on the part of the user, you sleep, work, watch a movie, kiss your beloved ... and the device works: it diagnoses and corrects, diagnoses and corrects ... It is also essential that, with what the stronger the signal (the stronger the violation, the farther from the norm the shift), the stronger the correction, because "here" action breeds reaction. Correction - this is the correction of the violation, when it has not yet reached the diagnosis. This is the best treatment because it is the most effective prevention.