FSC as an ambulance

Ambulance is a type of medical care provided to citizens in conditions requiring urgent medical intervention. The main thing for doctors is the ability to quickly make a decision and take action, because a person’s life depends on professionalism!

Currently, situations in which a person can / should provide assistance to another are becoming relevant. There are many first aid courses, lectures and webinars. Having mastered the basics, you can always pay attention to alarming symptoms (for example, in case of a stroke), provide assistance in case of a heart attack or a fracture (before the doctors arrive), both for yourself and your loved ones.

Give way to ambulances, help people who need help, don't pass by!

Let's be compassionate and considerate to each other.

Anna Vasilievna Kaplina, Platinum Director, a specialist in diagnostics and modern methods of healing, recommends a number of FSCs that can be used in emergency conditions:

  1. Remotely, if a person is in intensive care or is very ill. Connect the FSC No. 20 “PURIFICATION”, No. 24 “INSIGHT” and “ANTICATACLISM” with a house, put on the FSC “GOLDEN SAND” and a note (full name and date of birth of the person). And also remotely you can apply No. 16 "CLEAR SPACE" (note), No. 20 "PURIFICATION" (note).
  2. A person himself can directly apply the FSC “SPEEDER”, “MANASAROVAR. KAILAS”, “EXTRA LOR”, “HEALTHY LUNGS”, No. 16 “CLEAR SPACE”, “LONGEVITY” - drink water structured on FSC, pump energy centers with them.
  3. If there are signs of a stroke and a heart attack, before the arrival of an ambulance and for rehabilitation, use FSC No. 9 "HEALTHY HEART", "RAPA", FSC-bracelet "CARDIO". Also perform pumping of the heart center with pairs of FSC #9+#16, #16+#18, #20+#24.
  4. FSC "NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC", "LIVING WATER", "POWERFUL WATER", No. 2 "DETOX", "RELIVERER" are effective at high temperatures. It is necessary to take a bath/shower for 15 minutes or rub the body with FSC-structured water and then apply on the cervical region No. 2 for 15 minutes.
  5. To stop allergies, you will need FSC No. 1 "ANTIPARASITARY", No. 2 "DETOX", No. 5 "REHABILITATION", "ALLERGY PROTECTION".