Joint use of FSCs of different series

When working with lilac plates, you should stop using blue ones. This moment really raises many questions. Yes, while a person is being treated with canals, you still need to drink structured water, wash out slags, use a deuce, you need to pump, therefore this question of combination is asked. Let's try to deal with this moment.

Indeed, it was noticed that the information of other plates: blue, gold, a number of exclusive and collectible ones can knock down, distort, prematurely close open cosmic energy channels. An open cosmic energy channel works from several hours to three days, in fact it can work much longer, but after three days the information starts to get noisy and it needs to be updated or confirmed, that is, to re-session, re-open the channel. Therefore, it is believed that one should refrain from using blue plates for three days after finishing work with lilac ones. On this occasion, Koltsov says the following: "The launched program returned to its original position, nothing bad could happen there, in principle." By the way, an exception is made for FSC No. 5, you can use it. This plate contains the polarizations of water samples, which were worked on by strong healers, in all likelihood, this plate is closer to cosmic energy in its effect than the other plates of the blue series.

The restriction on combining lilac plates with others applies only to the active mode of operation. If you combine lilac with any other FSCs, then either use them in the passive mode, they work very well in the passive mode, or close the channels open during the session each time. S. V. Koltsov gives the following recommendation: if you put on lilac programs for protection, for harmonization or for cleansing yourself or space, then you can use blue ones without restrictions. If you set up programs for the treatment of any diseases, then close the previously opened channels, the formula is very simple - thanked for the work done, closed, for example: “Thank you for all the channels of the plate (number), (or if you know the names, list the open channels), for my healing, I close all channels. Used the blue plates, open the necessary channels again..The point is that if a treatment program was launched on the lilac FSC, then when using the blue or gold plate, it can be interrupted, and then the next time it will be started from the beginning. If the channel on the purple one is closed, then in the next session the program will start from the place where it was closed.

Hotchenkova N.V. Says this: “When I put programs for cleaning, harmonization and protection on some lilac correctors, I use blue and green FSCs when I need to. You can immediately, you can drink some water after some time, do pumping, this is for God's sake. These are different things. If I put healing channels, then I start using blue ones no earlier than 2 hours after working with lilac ones.

Green plates are combined with all others without restrictions. Gold plates are combined with all others without restrictions.

The second common question is: "is it possible to use lilac or gold plates without blue ones?". It is possible, but the efficiency of lilac ones without the stage of preliminary harmonization and purification on blue ones will be about 10-15% of the possible one, and the probability of exacerbations is very high. Lilac plates are strong, exacerbations in this case are often accompanied by fever. General recommendation: first the basic set, then everything else is introduced. Golden Plates work with the informational root causes of problems and do not replace work with other series to solve them. Another thing is that without gold, such work may not produce results until the root cause is disbanded.

Golden FSCs can "interrupt" a program launched on lilac ones, they can be combined with any other plates without restrictions. With lilac, which are used in the passive mode, gold can be combined without restrictions. It is very good to use golden ones together with FSC "Love" or "Harmony", "Indy" - they help to maintain a good emotional background, this is important because many golden ones have a mirroring effect.