What results can be achieved using FSC Tuning Fork?

After applying water structured on FSC FORKING FORK, the following is observed:

  • Restoring the function of the lymph nodes of the lungs, reducing the bacterial load, which makes it possible to recommend the Corrector for diseases of the lungs and bronchi as an additional factor to the main treatment - this will allow the body to recover faster after an illness
  • Restoration of cerebrovascular tone and peripheral vessels, increased activity of cranial nerves, restoration of autonomic reflexes - this result suggests a beneficial effect of the Corrector in vascular pathology of the brain and after infectious diseases caused by neurotropic viruses (as an addition to the main therapy and during the recovery period), as well as to recommend FSC "Tuning Fork" for vegetative-vascular dystonia
  • Restoring blood supply to the retina
  • Restoration of blood supply to the hearing organs
  • Reducing the toxic load on thyroid cells, restoring organ function
  • Restoration of the functions of the joints of the legs, musculoskeletal and arteriovenous systems - this Corrector can be recommended for any disorders in the musculoskeletal and arteriovenous systems; the combined effect of FSC "POWERFUL WATER" and "TUNING FORK" will accelerate the recovery of the musculoskeletal system after exercise
  • Improve kidney function, cellular metabolism, secretion of physiologically active substances, microelement metabolism
  • Restoration of the functions of the ovaries, appendages, fallopian tubes
  • Restoration of intestinal motility, activity of intestinal microflora