How to coordinate two FSCs with each other

Coordination of FSCs is necessary for the mutual strengthening of their influence. Remember, we mentioned that FSC creates an energy whirlwind. In order for the vortices of individual CPS to form into one more powerful one, these CPS must be oriented one relative to the other in a certain way. Coordination of FSC is a fairly simple procedure:

First of all, you need to open the outer plastic cases of the FSC (they are held on by latches and the material of the cases is flexible and durable), and make sure that the inner plates have the same orientation. For example, the hologram on the inner plate is under the hologram on the plastic case. If necessary, arrange the inner plates equally;

Place the FSCs you want to match next to each other;

Flip one of them along the long edge;

Now the coordinated FSCs can be moved apart, for example, to pump the spine, but at the same time maintaining their mutual orientation (avoiding their rotation). In this case, the CPS remain consistent.