Energy and information exchange of a person with the environment

Now let's take a look at the human body and how we are connected to the Earth's magnetic field. Because further consideration of various FSC series will be tied to the global changes that occur on the Planet, first of all, we mean changes in the magnetic field and the change of epochs.

The energy and information exchange of a person with the environment is very well said in a lecture by Vladimir Grigorievich Bozhko, a healer, lecturer at the Planet of Regions company:

Always starting a lecture, I start it with the same question: now, please tell me, what factor do you think is always present where there is life? That's right, movement, my dears. Absolutely true, there is movement - there is life. No movement, no life. But how does the movement happen? Not by itself, it happens in a unit of time. If you and I remember a little bit what we went through at school. Just imagine: a cell in our body, it does not run up and down the body, but it moves. How does she move? It hesitates, it's the same kind of movement. And if we take a look - what is the number of oscillations per unit of time, what is this parameter? This parameter is called frequency. That is, each of our cells, in each of our organs, has its own level of vital frequencies. Well, again they say to me: “well, where does the frequency come from?” But we just said that everything is created from electrons and protons, and from their combinations. What it is? These are positively and negatively charged particles, and if they are, then an electric current arises between them. Where there is an electric current, an electromagnetic field arises. Where there is an electromagnetic field, it has its own fixed oscillation frequency. See how simple everything is. And we have created such unique devices called spectrometers, and by burning the smallest amount of any substance, we can clearly determine by its frequency what kind of substance we have burned, and even how old it is. I mean, it's not just that. We must understand that everything in this world is alive, even minerals. Why? Because they also have their own electromagnetic frequencies.

And if you look at the structure of a person from a physiological point of view, then the Russian nesting doll displays it most fully. Our ancestors clearly knew how we are arranged, they possessed this knowledge to perfection..Who remembers how many matryoshkas are in the Russian matryoshka? Seven! These are the seven levels of organization of our body.

What is the first level? This is an informational hologram, which we call "biofield", "aura", whatever, but the essence of this does not change. It is she who, at the informational level, completely determines the structure of our entire body and all structures. Moreover, I can congratulate you - since last year, the Ministry of Health has finally recognized that a human biofield turns out to exist. That is, this is already a recognized fact, why? Because under the closed program "Wanderer" in Novosibirsk they finally made equipment that clearly confirms the presence of biofields, and they are already recording their parameters. That is, it is no longer possible to argue with this, because they were finally seen, although before that they had not been seen for many, many years and they said that this was not so.

What is the second level of organization of our body? This is a completely physical human body.

The third level is the systems from which our body is built.

The fourth level is the organs and organelles that make up the systems.

The fifth level is the tissues from which the organ is built.

The sixth level is cells.

And the seventh is cell organelles.

And it turns out very interesting: it turned out that each level of organization of our body fluctuates and lives at its own level of vital frequencies. Let me give you an example: cell organelles oscillate at a very high speed, their vibration frequencies are 10 to the 14th - 10 to the 34th power of Hertz. The cell lives and oscillates at frequencies of 10 to the 8th - 10 to the 14th power of Hertz. And if we take the general information field of a person, it operates at a low frequency - 14.5 Hertz. You see, each level has its own. That is why we are complex devices.

If this is difficult for some of you, let me give you the simplest example of oscillation: this is a bell. So we took the bell, hit the tongue, what happened? The bell began to vibrate. And this vibration turns into sound. As they say: "The bell lives as long as it sings." But if we do not continue to ring the bell, what will happen? The vibration will die out and the sound will disappear. But we must understand: if there are vital vibrations in our body, on which all parts of our body work, then they need to be supported. Do you think that there is such a tongue of a bell inside our body? No! He is completely absent..All these vibrations that we need for life, my dears, we receive with you from the outside. This was successfully proved by Academician Komisarov back in 1974 in Novosibirsk, when conducting experiments. What was done? A hollow sphere was taken, in which the most ideal conditions were created for the development of embryos of frogs - tadpoles. That is, warm water, food, air - everything was there, but this sphere was covered from above with 40 types of materials that cut off all known types of influence from the internal cavity. What was the surprise of scientists when, after 6 hours, in ideal conditions for life, the tadpoles died. And after 8 hours, they simply began to dissolve in this water and decompose into individual micro- and macro-elements of our world. And, without rotting. And then for the first time it was proved that life cannot exist without external influences.

I always say, "Guys, is that why we're bioelectric beings? What is the main impulse in our nervous system? Electrical impulse. And who in our brain produces electrical impulses? Is there a man with a dynamo sitting there? No. And where does electricity come from? everything turned out to be very simple: when physiologists began to study the distribution of metals in the cerebral hemispheres, it turned out that they were arranged in such a way that they formed large induction coils of wire. And the scientists took it and simulated, that is, they created exactly the same induction coil and placed it in the Earth's electromagnetic field, and measured how much it turns out at the output. It turned out 200 millivolts - this is exactly the electrical signal that comes out of our brain.

What does Sergei Valentinovich Koltsov do? He understands that each of our cells, tissues, organs have life-giving frequencies. They are created from the same trace elements as plants and animals. They are also created from trace elements and water. And what does he do? On the first corrector, he selects 175 herbs that have exactly the same vital frequencies as our cells, tissues, organs and systems. And this FSC, bringing this information into us, sets up all vital, rhythmic processes inside our body. And then what? The body does everything by itself. According to the laws of nature, easily, freely.

So, our life is inseparable from the Earth's magnetism, from the electromagnetic vibrations that permeate us; and vibrations of a living organism (of all subsystems) must be harmoniously inscribed in external vibrations - synchronized with them..But this field itself is undergoing serious changes! We are lucky to live in an era of change. We all have heard about the change of eras, we successfully survived December 2012. All of us are affected by the restructuring of the energy of the Earth, as a planet. There are changes in the magnetic field, and they affect all organisms that live on Earth. The Earth's magnetic field literally dictates the appearance of certain diseases, and this set changes every year, it is simply impossible to predict what awaits us.

In fact, Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov is monitoring these changes. This can be done on Epiphany night and for a period of one year. What magic happens on Epiphany night? Why do we seem to be shown what states of the Earth's magnetic field await us in the coming year? - is not entirely clear. Back in the 50s, the Russian scientist Simon Elevich Shnol paid attention to the physics of the phenomenon. He registered the fact of fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field on Epiphany night. These fluctuations are recorded simultaneously throughout the entire territory of the Earth. They are named after him - Shnol vibrations. But what to do with them, he did not understand - he considered the discovery of these annual fluctuations to be his most useless discovery. Koltsov guessed to take water samples on Epiphany night with an interval of 10-15 minutes. Having his own technology for recording information from water to a solid carrier (CFS), Sergey Valentinovich discovered that then these states of the magnetic field are, as it were, reproduced during the coming year - until the next baptism. However, there is no relationship - what state of the magnetic field at what exact calendar time will affect us. One can only say how many significant changes there will be and which systems of the body will be affected by one or another polarization (state) of the Earth's magnetic field.

I will give my own metaphor for the ongoing process, even if it is a rather rough analogy, on Epiphany night there is a kind of reboot of the information program for the coming year. From 12 am to 1 am there is a kind of erasure of information in the water - the polarization of Shnol oscillations is such that water during this period stops the oscillatory processes in living systems, and then from 1 am to sunrise polarization changes take place, which will then be reproduced throughout the year. We will return to Shnol's hesitation when we talk about the "Living Water" and "Natural Antibiotic" plates..

We regard the forthcoming changes in Earth's magnetism as unfavorable. Why? Apparently, the Planet, the Cosmos, force us to change in this way, whether we like it or not - no one asks. Yes, through the magnetic field of the Planet, there is a certain impact on the energy centers (chakras) of all people. Few people work on themselves, on their consciousness, so as to go "ahead of schedule." Forced changes through settings are painful. FSCs help alleviate physical discomfort without excluding the need to change one's consciousness.

We survived the transition in December 2012. There were many different and even conflicting expectations associated with this date, especially in esoteric circles, so what actually happened? With the transition to a new era, the parameters of the earth's magnetic field have changed. Have you read Master of Magnetism Kryon's channelings about upcoming realignments? This is exactly what happened, the ongoing restructuring of consciousness occurs under the influence of changes in earthly magnetism - the magnetic poles have significantly shifted, the strength of the Earth's magnetic field has decreased. Not to mention the fact that the Schumann frequency, which for a long time was considered a constant, is not stable, once it was strictly equal to 7.83 Hz.

All sorts of parasites easily adapt to these changes. They adapt well to change. Our body can not withstand these loads and it does not have the property of mutation. We have one more "excusing" circumstance - the skeletal system regenerates very slowly, its renewal period is 7 years, therefore, with such rapid changes, physical discomfort is simply inevitable. Soft tissues adapt quickly, the skeletal system with a delay, resulting in mismatch. But it is also the most important from the point of view of information, it is the main information conductor in the body.

With the transitions of 2007, 2012, an interesting situation is associated with traditional (chemical) drugs. Many of them were created and tested with the same parameters of the Earth's magnetic field. But it has changed, the whole rhythm of the existence of living organisms has changed. And the effectiveness of these funds could also change (and it really did)..In 2012, the World Health Organization said an interesting thing: “You, comrades, be careful with antibiotics, for some reason they stopped working” (Koltsov’s phrase).

All these years, Sergey Valentinovich constantly monitored which organs and systems were affected as a result of these changes, that is, we constantly had such a situation that in some periods of time the external field adversely affected some chakras, and the systems associated with them, respectively , in other time periods - to others. And this process has not ended in 8 years, each Koltsov’s Internet conference begins with a conversation about which systems are currently under the influence, and which correctors help to cope with this at the moment. And since the correctors work on the energy of Earth's magnetism, in different periods of time, certain correctors can work a little more or less accentuated.

It is interesting to note that, based on the results of many years of analysis, S. V. Koltsov says that external influences are becoming more complex, more difficult to deal with, or it takes more time. And on the other hand, new knowledge is given to humanity, for example, new cosmic energy channels are opened, and they are used for correction at deeper levels (the green series of FSC works with the root causes of illnesses and adverse situations at the level of emotional reactions, and the gold series already at the subconscious level) or amplification, modernization of previously created correctors. We are in a constantly evolving situation. It affects us in different ways - for someone the energy is stronger - less noticeable, for someone it is weaker and the influence is more pronounced, for someone it generally hits the sore spot.

As an illustration of what has been said, here are two excerpts from Internet conferences: Koltsova S.V. On March 18, 2015: “…. Well, yes, there is such a moment - the second year is completely openly observed when for no reason, for no reason at all, some organs are blocked - first of all, the top and bottom. That is, we are cut off from the informational external field, and from Mother Earth, and only the functions of the body are left. The psyche is cut off. Who does it? Well I do not know. The golden series helps to restore the whole thing quickly enough. And what does this kind of blocking lead to? At the level of physiology - to any respiratory sores, and not only to them..This military man, you see, the goiter began to grow. And the other is something else. Everyone's symptoms are classic - a breakdown and in the evening there is no desire to do anything. This is the first call that you were "closed". In this situation, you should immediately look for which FSCs to upgrade so that your “eyes are opened”.

And here is what (in October 2013) lecturer, Doctor of Medical Sciences Khotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna answers to a seemingly simple question about the slow operation of blue FSCs and getting used to the plates and reducing their effect: “I do not agree with addiction, correctors of functional conditions are not addictive. There is another situation much more serious. The fact is that many simply underestimate what is happening now, and do not want to perceive everything at all. There are very serious reconfigurations of space. And we live in this information field. We live on this planet, and we have nowhere to go from here. Therefore, you and I must adequately respond to any settings of space, any changes in the chord that develops according to the vibrations of space. If you and I are lagging behind, then this “addictive effect” is observed, moreover, those with whom we dealt with at the initial stage of work with FSC, say, the same cytomegaloviruses, chlamydia, and some other pathogenic microorganisms , they are like a parallel space, a parallel world, they react very actively to any changes in space. Rapidly dividing cells absorb new energy very quickly. And we, as hyper-complex systems, react hard to all this, especially with age. And when consciousness also lags behind in terms of settings, the physiological functions of internal organs are thereby inhibited. This is where the effect of getting used to, especially to blue correctors, arises. These are medicinal plants, and today they work mainly with the lower chakras. And you can’t cope with the upper chakras without green, without lilac ones, so there must be one of these correctors. Today you won’t get far on one and two, this is the initial stage. Indeed, the results may not come immediately, because if we have been sick for, say, 20-30 years, then it will take 2-3 years to put the body in order, but we are already getting initial results, and quite quickly, the problem is that the field is changing all the time, and a lot of things are being pulled out of us that we did not even suspect..That is, purges, purges, purges, then according to one system, then according to another, then according to the third, then according to the fourth. This applies to you and me, and me, and Koltsov, and all leaders, any person. You look, then one is limping, then another grunts, then the third without a voice, these are normal processes.

We have a situation where we are forced to adapt to changes, and our correctors help to adjust the body's own rhythms to changing external rhythms, help to adapt. Everything in the world is dual and the ongoing changes have, of course, positive aspects, one of them is the emergence of new information, for example, about cosmic energy channels - knowledge is revealed to mankind about the possibility of using the energies coming from space for the benefit, in fact, the channels are radiation from some stars, attunement with these energies becomes available to us, and earlier this possibility was closed, or available only to a very narrow circle of priests. Now we can look at the process in dynamics - the ongoing changes in the Earth's magnetic field present a problem for us, a person is an open system and exists inseparably from the biosphere, and on the other hand, these same changes lead to the opening of new opportunities for healing, and we observe the emergence of new series of FSCs , as one of the possible use cases for these new features.