FSC proofreaders Koltsov for children and teenagers

Today we will talk about how to protect the younger generation from the influence of negativity: what functional state correctors invented by our Russian scientist S.V. Koltsov, will help parents in educating teenagers, how to properly care for the skin in adolescence.

Everything starts from childhood. Adult life depends on whether the child is instilled with the right habits, whether the fundamental principles are formed, whether a strong foundation of health is laid. Guided by concern for the younger generation, Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov created the FSC "HEALTHY GENERATION". This Corrector:

  • Helps protect children from various energy-informational attacks
  • Clears energy centers, meridians and biofield from unauthorized influence and various programs
  • Protects the mind of a child from the impact of low vibrations of the mind of adults
  • Contributes to the correction of the consequences of birth injuries
  • Normalizes the state of psycho-emotional and psychosomatic disorders in children, helps to overcome unconscious fears
  • It balances the state of the central nervous system, regulates the processes of excitation and inhibition, harmonizes thought processes
  • Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

At the FSC there is additionally registered the channel of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" KUUY, designed to work with children under 12 years old. Since the aura of the child has not yet taken shape, energies are needed that will work with his energy centers, meridians and biofield carefully.

When the "Planet of Regions" Company just started producing FSC with the 5th element, more than 40 specialists in various fields of medicine, in different cities, tested new generation Correctors using modern methods. Sharing the results of this serious work, a psychiatrist-narcologist from Moscow Poltavsky L. I. noted that "MALE CHARM" prevents the influence of bad companies, when, succumbing to the herd mentality, teenagers start smoking and drinking energy drinks. This Corrector protects against such dependencies..Also, a number of other Proofreaders will help parents in the upbringing and development of the younger generation:

  • FSC "LOVE" helps to harmonize relations between different generations - parents and children
  • FSC "SUCCESS" contributes to the harmonization and synchronization of the work of both hemispheres of the brain, stimulates the ability to learn
  • FSC №9 "HEALTHY HEART" contributes to the development of creative abilities
  • FSC No. 11 "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE" regulates the production of adrenaline, harmonizes the hormonal background, which helps to reduce the level of aggression during the period of hormonal changes in the body; stimulates the development of aversion to bad habits - alcohol, smoking, overeating, drug addiction
  • FSC No. 13 "HEALTHY INTELLIGENCE" is designed to increase concentration; promotes an increase in interest in learning, the perception of large amounts of information; stimulates the manifestation of creative abilities and the development of talent
  • FSC "GOLDEN SAND" reveals the inner potential; increases the ability to learn, perceive and assimilate information.

And, of course, read the descriptions of all Concealers and other products of the Company in order to choose exactly what your child needs to solve certain health problems. Do not forget to take care of maintaining vision (“RESVERATROL 100 VIDI” - from 14 years old, FSC “PURE VIEW”) and strengthening the musculoskeletal system (EVOgel “ATLANT” - from 14 years old, “PROTETION” No. 6 - from 14 years old, FSC "REJUVENATING APPLE") of his child. After all, the eyes and spine often suffer in the younger generation due to many hours of sitting at the computer, tablet and smartphone.

Continuing the theme of computers, cell phones and other gadgets: if you can't tear your child away from the monitor, then at least protect him from harmful radiation. Mini FSC Protection for phone:

  • Protects the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation
  • Promotes the restoration of the biofield
  • Corrects the functional state of the body
  • Resists various energy-informational influences
  • Harmonizes the environment

Protection should not only be glued to the body of a cell phone, it is also advisable to use it on any device that emits radio signals, such as a cordless landline phone (and base too), laptops, tablets, baby monitors, routers and devices with Wi-Fi..

We wish you health and success in raising the younger generation!