What unique CFSs were created after visiting amazing lakes?

M. N. Rechkin is a well-known researcher of anomalous natural phenomena, journalist, writer, organizer and coordinator of complex scientific expeditions to study the unique Okunev energy phenomenon in the north of the Omsk region.

Luzginova SV - Lecturer of the Planet of Regions Company. Svetlana Vasilievna was lucky this year to touch the secret of the Hidden Lake, which is located in the Muromtsevsky district of the Omsk region, near the village of Okunevo. This lake hides from people and allows only the Chosen to access its water.

Mikhail Nikolayevich and Svetlana Vasilievna spoke about the exclusive Proofreaders "DANILOVO LAKE" and "SECRET LAKE", as well as about amazing "places of power".

Rechkin M. N.

“It all started with the fact that in August 1992, a woman from India, Rasma Rosite, arrived in the unknown village of Okunevo, located in the north of the Omsk region. She is a follower of the teachings of Babaji. Her teacher Muniraji gave her the task of finding a place in Siberia associated with a deity named Hanuman. Thousands of years ago, there was a temple-observatory here. Now in this place there is allegedly a space communication channel that needs to be developed, otherwise it will close. When I first heard all this, I did not believe it and did not attach any importance to it.

Then I had a chance to talk with one clairvoyant - Olga Gurbanovich. I asked her a question: “Does the water of Danilov Lake really have healing properties or is it an invention of the locals?” She suddenly issued: “The water of Lake Danilov has amazing healing properties! It heals the most severe diseases that are considered incurable.” And now it is fully confirmed. Olga said that there is not one lake there, there are five of them, if you swim in all five lakes, you can achieve complete healing and rejuvenation of the body. We have already identified three lakes (Danilovo, Linevo and Shchuchye), and we are still working on the Potayonny and one more lake, which is called Urmannoye (Shaitan Lake).

The clairvoyant confirmed Rasma's words that a beautiful observatory temple stood in this area for a very long time, in which there was a gem of unearthly origin - a kind of crystal. It was artificial intelligence. With the help of this crystal, people in ancient times maintained deep space communication with other worlds. Olga Gurbanovich also added that Pyotr Ershov's fairy tale about "The Little Humpbacked Horse", about how Ivanushka the Fool came out like a fine fellow after swimming in mysterious cauldrons, is directly linked to the system of five lakes. Ershov himself lived in Omsk and visited these parts. He may have heard this legend..We are often frivolous about such legends, fairy tales and myths, but with their help, secret knowledge is conveyed to us, which we only need to learn how to decipher. Thus, the mystery of the five lakes began to be revealed.

The Hidden Lake produces amazing results. It has an unusual energy, scientists have recorded a powerful torsion flow. A source of colossal power was also discovered under Danilov Lake! The lake is very deep, the water is pure, it can be stored for years, it does not deteriorate, although there are very few silver ions. Mystery!"

Luzginova S. V.

“I thank the Omsk structure “Planet of Regions” for organizing a trip to this place of power! I would like to note that FSC “SECRET LAKE” promotes changes at the spiritual level, restores the energy balance in the body, normalizes the immune system and has a powerful rejuvenating effect. I experienced it myself.”

Rechkin M. N.

“I already have 16 people in my file cabinet who got rid of stage 3 cancer with this water, and 3 people from stage 4 cancer. One woman was cured of breast cancer, the other of small intestine cancer… Another case shocked me. In 2013, Valentina Ivanovna Khramtsova from Tyumen came to Okunevo to get water, then she was 75 years old, she was led by the hands, because the woman was completely blind. A year later, I met her again. She walked by herself, and her vision was partially restored. Now with the help of a magnifying glass she can read. Imagine! And she hasn't seen anything since 1977, after suffering from meningitis. Best of all, vision is restored in short-sighted children. One girl of about eleven had minus one and a half, and in a week it became one hundred percent! She swam in the lake, dived, her parents put water in her eyes.

Also, the water of Danilov Lake has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, helps with diseases of the spine. About five years ago they brought Lieutenant General Yakovlev to the lake. He was chained in a corset, the luminaries of medicine could not help. My wife began to make applications on the spine with blue clay from Lake Danilov. Two weeks later he was walking and swimming. Also, this clay also removes varicose veins.

Luzginova S. V.

“To solve the problem of varicose veins, you can take ordinary cosmetic clay, dilute it with water, structured on the FSC “DANILOVO LAKE”, and apply it on damaged skin areas. FSC “DANILOVO LAKE” and “SECRET LAKE” work very well for the skeletal system. I can recommend everyone to do such pumping of the spine - one Corrector should be placed on the cervical region, the second - on the coccyx..You can swap FSCs, you can combine “DANILOV LAKE” with Corrector “HEALING” and with FSC No. 10 with the fifth element.

Rechkin M. N.

"If you drink water from two lakes - Danilov and Potayonnoe, diseases will bounce off you like peas off a wall!"