Is there a possibility of exacerbations when using FSC plates?

It should be noted that healing goes through an aggravation. Exacerbations should be treated as a natural process, as an indicator that recovery processes have started in the body. The strength of the impact of FSC devices, established during the manufacturing process, is determined from the point of view not to harm the possible process of exacerbation, even for the elderly and debilitated people.

Nevertheless, for elderly or weakened people, it is possible to offer a scheme for a smooth start of work with FSC, it was announced in his report at the second medical conference by Victor Genrikhovich Terentyev, Candidate of Medical Sciences, he manages oncological patients, heads the department. then start by drinking structured water. It is recommended to moisten any towel with structured water and, for starters, simply wipe the hands and feet, and not the problem area. This approach will start the healing process even more smoothly. It is also recommended to start with rubdowns in the treatment of difficult cases.

There are 4 stages of CPS application:

  • Only water structured with FSC #2. We start the first day with a three-time intake of half a glass of structured water. We act as with medicine. In the following days, we gradually increase the total volume of structured water we drink and bring it up to 15-20 ml. per kg. weight per day. We use a fractional reception scheme. This means that a person takes one or more sips every 10-15 minutes. If the patient is under 40 years old - then in three to five days, if about seventy years old - then in a week.
  • We begin to wear FSC No. 2 in the area of ​​the third chakra, and bring the volume of water structured on it to the norm of 30 ml. per kg. weight per day. We increase the frequency of water intake as much as possible.
  • We already use two Functional State Correctors - number one and two according to the standard scheme. In the first half of the day, we do everything with FSC No. 1, in the second - everything with FSC No. 2. If the patient has a strong intoxication, then at first we add only a shower, and on the third day, the full use of both FSCs. Again, in cases of severe intoxication, you can apply both correctors on odd days, and return to step 2 on even days.
  • System use of all other correctors..

Exacerbations can be caused by slagging of the body, that is, at the initial stage of working with FSC, there may be a sharp release of toxins and toxins, as well as "blocks" in the human energy system. Most often, the most serious blocks coincide with curvature, defects of the spine. It is highly desirable that an osteopath work with the spine.