How to work with lilac FSCs

Working with lilac FSCs involves the active participation of the user's consciousness, only with such work is it possible to realize their capabilities. To make it clearer, let's see how healers who have received the appropriate initiations - cosmoenergetics - work with cosmoenergy channels. Earlier, we have already said that, in fact, cosmic energy channels are certain spectra of radiation from the stars around us.

Initiation into the channel consists in attuning the consciousness of the cosmic energy with the specific spectrum of a particular channel. Each channel requires a separate initiation. Consciousness fixes a certain code phrase - a password, which serves as a trigger mechanism for attunement with the channel frequencies and gives access to the healing energy of the channel. With its help, the channel is opened.

An open channel is presented in the form of a light waterfall or streams of light (golden, silver, white, pink, - any), the diameter of the stream is about 0.7 m, the stream begins 0.5 m above the patient's head, ends 0.5 m below the feet . You can consciously close the channels, most often they are not closed, having worked, they close themselves. Cosmoenergetic channels are intelligent energies, they themselves know how long to work and can even find a problem from the area with which this channel can work and work to heal it. In this mode, the channel will work "from afar" based on the most general considerations. Using its ability to visualize, and verbal or mental formulations, kosmoenerget can direct the action of the channel to the primary solution of the desired problems. The work with the channels takes place in sessions, the duration of the cosmoenergetic session is 25-45 minutes, at the end of it the channels can remain open for some more time and “finish” the problem. There can be several phases in the course of a cosmoenergetic session. This is cleansing of dirty energy, alignment of chakras, work with organs, restoration of size and alignment of the biofield.

Active and passive modes of operation

Further, the user can connect his own consciousness to the work of the channels, for this it is necessary to express gratitude to the channels for the discovery and the action taken, and indicate the desired result - verbal / mental formulation or visualization - in an image..Such work with lilac FSCs is called "active mode". If you know which channels you need to use to solve your problem, you can name them, if not, you can just say (or mentally) the following formula “Thanks to FSC No. .... for opening all your channels." That is, when working with FSC, a simplified formulation of channel opening is used. If you took the FSC in your hands or put it on your body and said or thought to yourself the formula with “thank you for”, then you have opened the cosmic energy channels. Any action in the universe must be balanced by something. If we want to receive something from the universe, for example, healing with the help of cosmoenergetic channels, we must send some of our energy to Her. This universal energy is the energy of sincere thanksgiving.

The energy of our gratitude is needed by the Universe. Therefore, every time we turn to the channels, we include the words “thank you for” in the wording, and this should be just a feeling, an emotion. The third important point when referring to channels is the actual statement of the problem. Mentally imagine that a vivid image works best, or say what result you want to get, moreover, as if this result has already been obtained - the organ is healed, the journey is successfully completed, the negative is disbanded, the cleansing is done. In English, this is called the present perfect tense. Below are examples of wordings - affirmations for use with various CPS. And come up with your own, creativity is allowed here.

It is difficult to say in advance how long it will take, it all depends on the problem and on your desire to get rid of this or that disease. How many sessions per day - regulate yourself. Especially beginners should remember that the wording should be clear, when it is pronounced one time like this, and the other time - the program goes astray, it is even better to write your own wording on paper.

There are several recommendations on how to hold the lilac FSC when working in active mode. All methods work, so I'll just list the options. Marina
Zaporozhets recommends that you take the FSC in your hands at the level of your face, point the narrow end at yourself or at the person you are working with, and pronounce the affirmations as if into a microphone..She also has a recommendation to place the FSC on the so-called "space center" - it is located between the fourth and fifth chakras. You can finally just take the plate in your hands and hold it. Works even when the plate is physically in a different location. Marina Zaporozhets directly says that you can imagine a plate in front of you and work with it. Say \ think over your affirmation, keep in mind the visual image of the desired result. Lilac FSCs can be used without opening channels, like regular blue or green FSCs, this mode of use is called passive. It is used, in particular, to perform pumping. Water can be structured both actively and passively.

You can open the cosmic energy channels of the plate to the container with water and thank the channels for the fact that the water has acquired the desired properties. For example: “I thank all channels of FSC No. 9 for the fact that this water has accepted the settings of Love and Harmony”, “I thank all channels of FSC No. 10 for the fact that this water has acquired the property of dissolving stones, I thank you for the fact that stones in the kidney / gall my bubble dissolved and painlessly removed. Turn on your imagination, the active mode of working with channels involves the work of your own consciousness, taking responsibility for the final result. The time when you could get a ready-made recipe has passed, the recipes stopped working. Your own understanding of information works, passing it through yourself and independent responsible (to yourself) use of the tools at your disposal to achieve your goals.

Channels can be opened both for yourself and for other people. At the same time, when saying affirmations, add "y \ for full name, year of birth." You can imagine the image of this person, mentally place him in the flow of the channel. Generally speaking, lilac FSCs work great remotely. There is even such a law: "the strength of the impact does not depend on the distance, it depends on the degree of resonance (the quality of attunement)." As an attunement, you can use the code “F. I.O., year of birth ”, a visual image that you hold in your imagination; a photograph or a note placed on the FSC, hair lying on the FSC. The only thing that probably cannot be done remotely is to wash out the slag with structured water..A person should drink water in any case! Do not remotely and pumping. These restrictions must be taken into account. It is important that the patient with whom you are going to work remotely makes a request in any form to be worked with. Otherwise, for the Cosmos it will be "considered" as an unauthorized interference in someone else's information field, it will be a violation of the law of balance. You can work with your children, parents, spouse, with seriously ill people in an unconscious state (implicit request for help), and even then it is desirable that a person express a request for help, in other cases strictly upon request.