• Protects the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, which is by far the most powerful destructive factor in the environment, from the aggressive effects of geopathic zones, socio- and biopathogenic influences
  • Corrects the work of systems of internal organs of a person at the stage of violation of their function and thus corrects the functional state of the body
  • Allows you to give up bad habits, the body gradually returns to its original physiologically healthy state, recovers
  • Promotes the restoration of the biofield
  • Counteracts pathogenic energy-informational influences
  • Contributes to the harmonization of the surrounding space
  • Promotes the manifestation of high social activity, self-realization

FSC advantages:

  • FSC is easy to use, since there is no need to configure the device, it adjusts itself to the person
  • The power source of the CPS is the Earth's magnetic field and external cosmic radiation, i.e. it does not require recharging
  • It is impossible to overwrite or erase information on the FSC, so it is intended not only for individual use, it can be used by all family members, and the FSC can also be used for pets
  • FSC has a wide range of applications: improving the human body, structuring water for watering flowers and plants, cleaning rooms, energy-information protection of property - apartments, cars, etc.
  • FSC was created taking into account the observance of the main principle of Hippocrates "Do no harm!"
  • FSC has a compact size, it is comfortable to wear on the body, it fits easily in a purse or pocket
  • FSC is certified, has a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, registration certificate
  • The validity of the FSC is limited only by the lifetime of the materials from which it is made, which means that the Corrector can serve for decades
  • FSC is a unique device! It comprehensively solves many problems related to the neutralization of most of the negative factors, real recovery, increased energy, and preservation of youth..There are no analogues on the world market!

Who can use FSC?

  • Everyone who cares about their health and the well-being of loved ones, who wants to prolong youth and active years of life for a long time
  • Anyone who wants to get sick less, endure illnesses more easily and recover faster after illnesses without the use of serious chemicals
  • Everyone who develops spiritually! FSC - an active assistant for use in meditation practices and techniques, helps to increase the vibrational level of a person
  • Everyone who wants to awaken or develop their creative abilities, increase intelligence, the speed of assimilation of information, the level of knowledge and erudition
  • Everyone who works in direct physical and emotional contact with other people! To preserve and increase the level of their energy, protection from various energy-informational influences
  • Everyone who leads an active lifestyle goes in for sports and fitness! FSC increases the body's endurance, helps to quickly adapt to physical stress and recover after training
  • Everyone who seeks to harmonize interpersonal relationships and interaction with society. For protection and harmonization of the surrounding space, correction of geopathogenic zones and electromagnetic radiation

FSC can and should be used by every person who thinks about preserving and improving the quality of life already today!