How to do pumping with the help of FSC?

To activate all the processes in the body and enhance the effect of FSC action, it is necessary to do the so-called "pumping" daily:

  • pumping for the bone and vascular system (preferably every day);
  • pumping all energy centers (chakras).

Bone and vascular system pumping with FSC

Two FSCs (any) are required for this.

The scheme of action is as follows:

  • Place one FSC (any number) on the floor under the left foot, remove shoes, step on the FSC so that the toes are on the FSC.
  • Take the second FSC in the right hand so that all fingers touch the FSC. Those. we have the position LEFT leg - RIGHT hand.

Exposure time (procedures) - 2-5 minutes. Change position RIGHT leg - LEFT hand. Exposure time (procedure) - 2-5 minutes.

You can start with any leg-arm, as long as there is a crosswise position. You can perform sitting or standing. As you wish. The most important thing is that the FSC fields pass through your skeletal system.

Pumping energy centers (chakras) with FSC

The following are several pumping methods, depending on whether the user has the appropriate amount of FSC. And also some suggestions of "advanced" users.

It is always necessary to keep the FSC in the coccygeal zone, which connects us with the earth. And the rest of the FSCs can already be manipulated.

1. Pumping with two FSCs. Sitting position, reclining.

Scheme of action: One, the first FSC (preferably No. 1 or No. 2) should be placed under the coccyx and kept under the coccyx during the entire "pumping". Move the second FSC along the energy centers of the body (chakras), starting from the bottom, lingering at each point for 1-2-5 minutes. According to well-being and the availability of your time.

2. Pumping only the spine with two FSCs

If you have little time, then pump by placing one FSC under the coccyx, and the second on the 7th cervical vertebra for 3-10 minutes. True, the effectiveness of such pumping will be minimal. This technique was effective two years ago. At present, after the displacement of the magnetic poles and the change in the amplitude of the earth's magnetic field, it is necessary to use other, more powerful techniques, the "pyramid", which are described below.

3. Pumping in emergency cases

When it is necessary to quickly bring a person back to normal (for example, after a public speech or in case of loss of consciousness), several FSCs can be acted upon at once:

1st option - place 4 FSCs at the same time, respectively, on both hands and both feet of a person for 10-20 minutes

2nd option - place 3 FSCs in the lying position: one FSC under the coccyx, the second one - on the "solar plexus" zone, the third FSC - on the "third eye" zone or the throat chakra..

Effectively acts in case of energy "breakdowns" (the head starts to hurt sharply, weakness, emptiness, etc.)

4. Pumping a local problem area

In this case, 2 FSCs are needed, one under the coccyx, the other above the problem area (except for the heart). The duration of pumping is 1-3 minutes.

Paired organs, like kidneys, can be pumped from the back to the projections of the organs at a distance of about 15 cm from each other for 3-5 minutes.

5. Leveling with a PYRAMID

As noted above, after the changes in 2009-2010. amplitude of the Earth's Magnetic Field, more enhanced pumping is needed, i.e. enhanced effect on the body. Because sometimes the power of one FSC is not enough when acting on a chakra ("information caps", "essences"). For this, 4 FSCs are used. One is under the coccyx, 3 others are folded into a triangular structure with the long sides of the KFSok. Such a pyramid, "house" is applied to the points, by analogy with pumping No. 1 through the points in the figure. It should be noted that when the plates are arranged in a pyramid-prism, such a situation is possible that the fields of one platinum can overlap the fields of another. And then the pyramid can be "silent". To prevent this, a pendulum is used, thus selecting the positions of the plates when the pyramid is working.