Koltsov S.V.: the history of the creation of the FSC

CFS creator Russian physicist Sergei Valentinovich Koltsov, a graduate of the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of Moscow State University, he worked in the space industry, in particular, was responsible for the development of flight control algorithms for the Russian shuttle Buran. Then the Union collapsed, the topic was closed, and with a ticket for disability due to hypertension, Sergey Valentinovich finds himself out of work. He refused to follow the standard path, and began to independently look for a way to solve his health problems. And he approached the problem of maintaining health holistically, from the position of systems and information transfer, the theory of systems management. Information management of living systems is more complicated than our computers, of course, it took time, and the base in Russia was already taking shape by that time. Recall that Vernadsky taught that life and the planet are linked into a single whole, and how can a person be a part of the whole without constant interaction with this whole at the level of information and energy exchange? Water in wildlife is a medium that ensures the transmission of information to living organisms. This role of water was shown by another Russian scientist - Zenin Stanislav Valentinovich.

The photographs of frozen water crystals taken by Masaru Emoto are known all over the world, he introduced us to the structuring of water at the level of images. Zenin showed exactly how water molecules are first grouped into small formations, then more complex structures are formed from them. The mechanism of structuring water was deciphered by Zenin, moreover, from the standpoint of philosophy, he substantiated the necessity, the inevitability of the formation of precisely the cellular structure of the aquatic environment, now we note the most important thing: it is the order of the mutual arrangement of individual water molecules inside a large structure, which is called a water associate, that determines the information content that carries us this water sample.

In the informational sense, bad water differs from good water only in the order of the molecules inside the associate. Look, the figure conventionally shows a carpet of pluses and minuses on the verge of a water associate, the number of possible combinations does not fit in the head, the information capacity of such a cell is almost unlimited! By changing this order, you can easily give useful properties to water..Here it is the key, it remains only to find a way to do it! Moreover, water associates have the ability to copy the information content of neighboring associates - cells, which ensures the transfer of information to the entire volume of the liquid. Remember "a drop of the sea sanctifies"? is about the property of self-copying of information from one water associate to others.

The Functional State Corrector is the sample, the initial matrix, from which the information previously recorded on the corrector is transferred to the water. The energy for this transfer is provided by the Earth's magnetic field, and any electromagnetic radiation available in a given place. Nature operates with figurative information. As a reference sample, the FSC is exactly a hologram (for a certain range of electromagnetic waves), and figurative information, for example, from medicinal plants, is recorded on the FSC. About what kind of information we will discuss below in the section "Varieties of CPS", now we note that having a matrix with useful information for a living organism in our hands, we can get an unlimited amount of water that will support us - water structuring is one of the main properties of CPS. It does not matter here whether this water will be in a cup, in a water pipe, or inside the tissues of a living organism.

The transfer of information from the FSC matrix to water occurs due to the energy of the Earth's magnetic field, we are used to just saying "field", and these are always rhythms, always fluctuations, there are no static processes in nature. When using water structured on correctors, along with the transfer of information, the rhythm of the body is also adjusted to the rhythms of the Earth, and at the same time all the internal systems of the body begin to work harmoniously. Imagine an orchestra has gathered, rehearses on its own, and when the conductor comes, the result is of a completely different quality. Synchronization of processes in the body with each other and with the rhythms of the Earth is the second most important property of any FSC.

Another property of all FSCs is protection from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. It can already be said that the harm of electromagnetic influences is generally recognized, but the mechanism is not understood correctly. They talk a lot about milliwatts, thermal effects, but it turns out that weak effects are also harmful..Look at the problem from a different point of view: any electromagnetic impact of man-made origin is a source of non-physiological information. It's like extraneous noise that interferes with your own processes. Everyone is familiar with such a domestic situation: you need to think about something or just relax, and repairs are underway behind the wall. It's the same, only the wavelength is different. All processes in the body are associated with information exchange, so they need to be protected, because against the background of noise, information exchange requires increased energy costs and is associated with an increased probability of failures, that is, information is received with distortions. Being a hologram - a diffraction grating, FSC imposes its polarization on any external electromagnetic field. Everyone is familiar with such a variant of a diffraction grating as a holographic sticker or a CD - when you look at it, you see rainbow colors. Light falls on the hologram and is reflected, how much fell and was reflected, the energy does not change, but in the reflected light we already see a rainbow or an image. This is the visible manifestation of polarization effects. Polarization occurs due to the special design of the sticker, microstructures are mechanically applied on it, the dimensions of which are comparable to a long light wave. Similarly, information on a CD is encoded as burnt-out micro-pits of micron size, and this structure interacts with visible light. The FSC works in exactly the same way for the electromagnetic range; it imposes its own favorable information on any external energy. In our example, it will be similar to the fact that a good classic sounds behind the wall, you will agree - it is already much easier. One of Koltsov's patents is called "A device for correcting an external electromagnetic field acting on a living organism, and a method for its manufacture."

Sergei Valentinovich Koltsov developed a method for recording figurative information from any objects on a magnetic medium, for long-term storage of this information, and "packing" it in the form of FSC plates, which we now use. This simple phrase hides a lot of work and complex physical processes. It so happened that a whole section of electromagnetism associated with longitudinal electromagnetic fields fell out of the field of view of classical science..The Tomsk physicist Nikolaev experimented with ordinary magnets, he cut the magnet, turned one half over so that the halves repelled each other and glued them in this position. Such a simple structure generates a scalar magnetic field. A good question is why no one has previously studied such effects, now there is information that earthly science and civilization are being pushed towards a certain path of development. One way or another, there are blank spots in modern physics. Sergey Valentinovich cuts, turns over and glues not just magnets, but magnetic material - magnetic rubber on which information is recorded. At the same time, it turned out that such an information element, firstly, is not subject to information degradation (loss of part of the information content over time) - one of Koltsov's patents was obtained just for the method of storing information, and secondly, it creates a longitudinal electromagnetic field around itself. You know, having an education in the field of electronics, I find it difficult to give a better description of what happens in the glued information elements of the FSC, we were taught half of electromagnetism, what can you do, the point is that it is this design that ensures the transfer of information to the aquatic environment - it affects water associates and forces them to rearrange in the correct order. This is the main thing. Here is the element. The difference from “healing magnets” is like the difference between a refrigerator magnet and a tape cassette, in one case only the magnetization force is needed, in the other, information is valuable, although it would seem that both devices use magnetism.

Further, Sergei Valentinovich Koltsov figured out how to arrange several (four) such active elements into a single coordinated whole, look, there are four information elements inside the plate, the holes are waveguides in the centers of the elements. The rest of the space inside is filled with filler. This design simulates a whirlwind of energy, which in Chinese Traditional Medicine we know as Qi energy. That is, in addition to the informational action, any FSC plate gives energy pumping. This property of the FSC is used in the so-called "pumping" - when the plate is used to activate biologically active points. We will talk about pumping in detail in the "Using FSC" section..

At the end of 2015, the design of the plates was changed in order to enhance the impact of correctors. An additional element was added - the fifth element in the center, and, accordingly, the fifth hole - the waveguide in the center. According to Koltsov, this design gives an expansion of the frequency spectrum up and down and is 64 times stronger than the previous one, and gives the following analogy: “It’s like if you first listened to music on a pocket radio, and then you would want to hear all the details of the orchestration - this requires serious acoustics.” Solely so that we can simply distinguish new FSCs from old ones, one of the lids is made translucent, and now we can see the entire internal "stuffing".

Thus, any FSC can be considered as a background source of positive information that is positive for a person. It is clear that the "price for convenience" of urban life is being surrounded by sources of negative information, remoteness from the support of wildlife. And both negative and positive impacts have a cumulative effect. Therefore, the presence of FSC in everyday life is so important, it is a constant support of the biofield, a tuning fork, according to which the body can adjust itself, it is the preservation of internal energy, for example, due to the fact that already pre-structured water enters the body, and you do not need to spend your own energy on its restructuring. And protection from electromagnetic radiation, and by the same principle from other negative influences. When such an assistant is nearby, the body does not expend its energy to repair the damage from the above negative influences, and therefore there remains an energy reserve that the body uses to maintain strong immunity, to solve accumulated health problems. Which ones? - the living has its own logic, recovery will take place in accordance with the importance of problems for the body, and this may not coincide with the wishes of our mind, this point must be understood. But, nevertheless, we can help our body in solving certain recovery tasks through the use of FSC with a certain information content, offer our body a wide range of information, for example, from medicinal plants..In this case, if the proposed set contains information that is needed at the moment, then the body responds to it - this is how the property of the selective reaction of the body manifests itself. Such a need has been exhausted - the information is ignored. This is the model of how the correction takes place with the help of plates, for comparison, in technology, such an algorithm is called automatic deviation compensation.