Basic set of FSC Koltsov. CFS - where to start?

All this is great, but where do you start? The first acquaintance with the list of plates usually causes confusion. Practice has shown that in all this diversity, several plates stand out, the use of which is mandatory in all situations. The concept of a basic set was heard at one of the medical conferences, and has since been fixed. At a minimum, these are FSCs No. 1 and 2, it is better, if possible, to purchase numbers 1, 2, 5. As a possible option, these are 1, 2, 3, 5, or 1, 2, 4, 5. That is, in the basic set hormonal corrector number 3 or 4 is added.

The first number is a gramonizing plate, it contains information to support all the major systems of the body, it has a pronounced antiparasitic effect. But it is necessary to display what remains after the work of the unity. For this, it is necessary to apply FSC No. 2. Moreover, they should be applied according to a certain scheme: in the first half of the day - one, in the second (after 16:00) - two. FSC No. 1 launches such processes that push the body to acidification, FSC No. 2, on the contrary, to alkalization. There is a detailed lecture by Bozhko Vladimir Grigorievich about this. It is in pairs, and precisely according to this scheme - in time with the natural daily cycle of changes in the pH of the body.

By the way, that is why, if we are talking about acquiring only one FSC, it is recommended to choose a deuce - the vast majority of people, especially aged, and especially among those suffering from chronic ailments, are acidified. With FSC No. 2, pH is normalized, and this is quickly felt.

The recommendation to use one in the first half of the day, and two in the second half of the day is designed to ensure that the organs for removing toxins turn on and work in the afternoon and at night, and in the early morning hours. If you adhere to such a scheme of work with FSC, then at some point in time, a reverse course of development of a particular disease or pathological process starts. With a corresponding peak of clinical manifestations. This is what we call exacerbation. On the other hand, a synonym, conditionally, for these exacerbations is the manifestation of internal problems. That is, when we start working with basic correctors, the processes that occur in the body and cause a temporary deterioration in health or a deterioration in the functioning of one or another internal organ, this is a manifestation of internal problems that are often hidden from us..But, precisely, when passing back along the curve of the development of the disease, the pathological cellular memory of the disease itself or the pathological process is erased, and the body is gradually restored to normal. We work with one and two in mono mode for 21 days - this is a half-period of cellular memory operation.

The lecturers of the Company include in the concept of the basic set also FSC No. 5 - rehabilitation. It supports not only the liver, but also helps to purify the blood, supports the pancreas, lungs. A very popular corrector.

Practice shows that in the vast majority of cases, regardless of the problem that a person has, using the basic set 1, 2, 5 gives an improvement in the condition. Nothing surprising, since the use of base plates already “closes” a number of issues: the misuse of energy for restructuring water and counteracting pathogenic factors stops, the pH normalizes, the activity of parasites is suppressed, the body is freed from toxins, and so on, the body directs the released energy resources to rise immunity, and further on the normalization of the most problematic systems. Moreover, here the body has its own logic, where to start, and the recovery order is not necessarily the way we imagine it based on our wishes.

An example that has already become a classic, when there is no understanding of the deep nature of the processes taking place in the body: “I want to buy No. 3, because I need to lose weight, I don’t have parasites and toxins.” In fact, the weight loss process will not start without the basic work of one and two, or it will go an order of magnitude slower, and such a person will rather be disappointed.

Further, other plates can be added to this set if you need to make some specific accents. Look at the functional purpose of the plates, and turn them on. At the same time, the use of the basic set continues all the time.