Getting the maximum result from the use of FSC

Whatever the problem, whatever the disease, whatever happens to the person, the following 9 points should be correctly followed. Few people manage to immediately remember these points, people are distracted by specific questions (but what about this disease?). These 9 points must be followed for any illness. If a person says that the Functional State Correctors do not work, look for which of these nine points this person does not fulfill. In 90% of cases, this will be insufficient water.

1. It must be a complete package. Remember, the Functional State Correctors are designed as a single complex. FSC № 1, 2, 3 for women; FSC No. 1, 2, 4 for men. Yes, there are many results when people get results from one or two correctors, but we are now analyzing the correct and competent use of FSC. See for yourself, FSC No. 1 weakens parasites, the immune system destroys them; FSC No. 2 brings them out. What is FSC No. 3 and 4? They say "fat burner for men/women." When you process liquid media with them, you write information on the water to burn fat. There's bromelain and pineapple and dragon fruit and so on. It is the same for FSC No. 3 and FSC No. 4. Why then are they different? FSC № 3 contains information about mastopathy, myomas, fibroids and other women's problems. And FSC No. 4 contains information about prostatitis and adenoma. In addition, both FSC No. 3 and FSC No. 4 convert bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. Cholesterol is a building material, it is fat, and in our case every cell is covered with a fatty membrane. FSC No. 3 and FSC No. 4 normalize hormonal levels. If there were a lot of some hormones, it becomes the norm, and if there were few hormones, it becomes the norm. Translated into Russian, this is a powerful rejuvenation. In women after menopause, female hormones become thirteen times less, by the way, this is precisely what is the main cause of osteoporosis. Calcium is not absorbed precisely because there are not enough hormones. You can eat cottage cheese in tons, but at the same time it may not be digested. And the three and four normalize this process. This is where the miracles of rejuvenation come from.

2. Very important: WATER!!! Without this, there will be no result! If you do not drink the right amount of water, then you can assume that the correctors do not work. The case of photo exposure is an exception. But we understand how to use FSC correctly. You need: 30 grams per kilogram of weight plus the same amount of water as you drank Pepsi-Cola, coffee, tea that day. All of these contain caffeine, and caffeine dehydrates. Or alcohol - alcohol dehydrates the same. Do you remember the word "dry?" This is what dehydration is. By the way, the first manifestation of chronic dehydration is edema. Such a paradox..The organism in the intercellular space stores crumbs of water, which it lacks anyway.

3. Alternate the use of proofreaders. It is advisable to use FSC No. 1 in the first half of the day, FSC No. 2 in the second half, and FSC No. 3 or 4 at night. If a person lives in an urban environment, when he is constantly exposed to electromagnetic influences, then it is advisable to use FSC at night. And here is what the author S.V. Koltsov says: “When you have purchased correctors, sleep one night with the first one, the other with the second, the third with the third and look at which FSC you better sleep on. Sleep with the FSC on which you sleep better. For example, if you sleep better on FSC No. 1, then use FSC No. 3 or 4 in the first half of the day, and FSC No. 2 in the afternoon.

4. Where to wear them? The general principle is this: where the problem is, there to wear it. Where it hurts - there and wear, with the exception of the heart area. But if you have a serious conversation with a lot of energy, you can swear at your heart for a while. Long (several days) is impossible. If the heart hurts, we do a “pumping”. For example, if the elbow joint hurts, take any elbow pad and fix the corrector in it. If there are problems with the eyes, alternate all the available FSC numbers alternately on the eyes. And if there are no problems, nothing hurts? Or if the problem is not localized (psoriasis, or pressure). In such cases, it is recommended to wear functional state correctors (FSC No. 1 or 2) at the level of the solar plexus in bags (for example, use a bag for a mobile phone). But a three or four is recommended to be worn under the navel. FSC № 5 is worn on the right hypochondrium.

5. FSC № 5 If there are such problems as hepatitis. Cirrhosis, degeneration into adipose tissue, or alcoholism, smoking, gambling, drug addiction FSC No. 5 must be used. It is highly desirable to use FSC No. 5 for broncho-pulmonary problems, for problems with the eyes, for tumors of various types. Doctors say: the liver is blood, and blood is everything.

6. Food. Koltsov said a long time ago: “Functional State Correctors are not a panacea, they help if a person is involved in a conscious struggle (or even war) for his health, including proper nutrition, proper breathing, physical activity and water procedures using water structured with the help of FSC ". As soon as you started using the Functional State Correctors, your energy has sharply increased, you need to eat less! In the literal sense: You don't have to have dinner, you received this energy from FSC! Functional Condition Correctors are a great occasion to think about your own health and start systematically removing your problems.

7. Spine..In 90% of cases, people do not get results from the use of FSC due to the fact that they do not drink enough water, and another 9.99% are due to problems with the spine. S. V. Koltsov recommends checking the spine with an osteopath. Many problems are caused by the presence of deformities in the spine.

8. The remaining one hundredth of a percent - do not hesitate to contact bioenergy therapists who see all these entities, damage, evil eyes. Very rarely, but we have encountered cases of the powerful impact of a professional. You can do computer diagnostics or an aurogram.

9. Pumping should be done to each person in the morning and in the evening. If there is a problem that does not go away - it may be because the person does not pump. What is it for? Now on Earth there is a change in the frequencies of geophysical fields. The earth as a physical object radiates waves with a certain frequency. You and I were born and grew up at the same frequencies, and in recent years these frequencies have begun to change and these changes have a negative effect on us. Now all over the Earth there is a massive deterioration in the health of people, and the pumping of bone tissue removes these effects. First pumping of bone tissue. It is done as follows: Sit with your tailbone on the corrector with any number. And then you start applying another corrector with any number to the so-called energy centers (chakras). Under the navel for two minutes, the solar plexus - two minutes, the sternum - two minutes, then: women under the left collarbone, and men - under the right (the same two minutes). Then women under the right collarbone, men under the left (on the subclavian fossae, two minutes each). Next - the throat chakra - if you want to the throat, if you want - to the neck. And finally, the third eye - between the eyebrows (the same two minutes). You can apply it to the top of your head, or you may not apply it. The goal is to open all channels. And by the time you get to the top, they will all be open. If you have three functional state correctors, you can speed up this procedure. On one you sit with your coccyx, the second is placed under the navel, and the third on the solar plexus (the same two minutes). Then you shift them to the next two points. It just speeds up the whole process. The second pumping is called "pumping energy channels." And it is done after this one. Women stand with their left foot on any corrector and take another corrector with any number in their right hand. And keep it like that for three minutes. This can be done standing, sitting, lying down. You want to raise your hand, but it's not necessary. The corrector should be in the middle of the foot. They held it for three minutes and changed the arm and leg. And men start with the right foot, and, accordingly, the left hand, and then change to the left foot and right hand.