Remote use of FSC Koltsov

Remote use of FSC: you can put the hair of another person on the plate, then it will work for him. But at the same time, you should no longer use it for yourself, neither for structuring water, nor for contact. Remove the biological material - use it yourself, then you can put it again. You can use a photo, the photo must be black and white and fresh. Please note: the Company's lecturers say that the FSC will reproduce the state that the person in this photo had.

You can put a note on the plate. Just write Last Name First Name. It can be more detailed, for example, according to the following scheme: "Thank you for the fact that the full name has been restored (indicate what), or disbanded (indicate the problem)". You can indicate both yourself and another person, but as if the desired has already been received. There should be only one intention in the note. Use clean white paper without cells. Categorically avoid turns using the NOT particle, only positive constructions. At a distance of 0.5 meters from the FSC with a note, photograph or biological material, there should not be any other FSC or information media: printed materials, records, cassettes, CDs, flash drives, extraneous photographs, etc.