Using the program "Tvoriteli" for human adaptation

The evolution of mankind, as an intelligent species, connects the thinking of man with his goals. Therefore, every modern person, if he follows his nature, evaluates his life by the goals that he sets for himself, and those that he has already achieved. This is commonly called "value orientations".

One of such value orientations in the working environment is the result of labor, as the main element of the assessment, which to the greatest extent reflects the level of professional qualifications and the ability to perform work of greater complexity.

Soviet physiologist, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Pyotr Kuzmich Anokhin created the theory of functional systems, which considers the structure of the body's behavior under changing external factors, where all its mechanisms are combined into a single system, the purpose of which is adaptation and self-regulation.

This theory distinguishes two types of functional systems:

  • systems of the first type provide self-regulation at the expense of the body's internal resources.
  • Second type systems support self-regulation by changing their behavior and interacting with the resources of the outside world.

Using the properties of the brain and the creative possibilities of consciousness helps a person to transform external processes and circumstances by changing their states and positively adjusting the psychological mechanisms of foresight and evaluation of the results of their actions. The human brain is one of the most complex objects in the Universe, which is a unique processor that launches all biological events in the human body and predetermines all external factors of human life.

Man's knowledge of the surrounding physical world is built solely on the basis of information interaction.

The brain, like a computer, is able to receive, process and store information in any volume and perform any manipulations with it. And consciousness acts as the inner space of a person, in which reality is modeled, dressing it in the forms of desired events and objects.

I.R. Prigogine, winner of the 1977 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, imagined form as a manifestation of energy, the meaning of which coincides with the space occupied by an object. Forms "constructed" in the inner space of human consciousness tend to be realized in the outer space..

For the first time, a model of oriented consciousness using special semantic signals built on universal elements of cultural information with the possibility of their individual interpretation was created in the Tvoriteli program.

The Tvoriteli program was created by OOO Tvoriteli, Krasnodar, with scientific support from the Department of Social Psychology and Sociology of Management, Kuban State University. This program was created at the intersection of neurophysiology, theory of consciousness, linguistics, psychophysiology and integrative anthropology.

This program opens up new opportunities for a person to manage the external and internal processes of his life and work. Especially if this activity is carried out in the new conditions of intensification and specialization of production.

The peculiarity of the program "CREATORS" is the priority of internal means that unite the consciousness and the human body into a single functional system to perform life tasks. The fact is that a feature of human consciousness is the frequent unwillingness to leave the “internal comfort zone”, the desire to close oneself from the oncoming reality, without even analyzing it. It’s just that it’s comfortable for consciousness to be in the state in which a person feels safe, as in a habitable space.

Observations show, for example, that living in a family with below average income for a long time (about 3 years) causes a stable habit, already associated with an unwillingness to change one's established position and take on the associated risks, changes and workloads . Thus, a low level of self-esteem and self-actualization of the individual is established, which is one of the main problems of our modern society. Therefore, even if much in his life does not suit a person, he may not decide even on the most necessary changes. Thus, a person turns into a closed information system.

This process is called decoherence. When decoherence occurs, a person mixes or becomes entangled with the environment, becoming completely dependent on its circumstances. Decoherence introduces a person into a "closed" state, in which many anxiety modules are formed that violate the expediency of a person's relationship with the environment..At the same time, a living, thinking human system contains the tasks of self-realization, self-preservation and self-regulation. It is possible to stimulate the fulfillment of these tasks according to the principle of "feedback" by changing three states: activity, well-being, mood. The "CREATORS" program is based on the fact that the human consciousness is a special evolutionary mechanism designed to search for resources and direct a person's attention to himself and the world around him.

But to fulfill its role, consciousness must be open to the outside world. An open consciousness has the ability to perceive everything, fix and construct an individual reality that embodies for a person his goals, ideas and dreams. An open consciousness connects a person with a whole universe of possibilities, and a closed one deprives him of these opportunities and leads to self-destruction. For this, it is necessary that the consciousness and the thinking controlled by it be in line with positive emotions, good health (feeling of your body) and energy.

When creating "CREATORS", neurobiological studies of various methods of concentration of consciousness were used, which give a person great cognitive and emotional benefits. These studies have been carried out for 16 years at several universities around the world.

Thus, "CREATORS" are based on a new understanding of all the processes associated with the processing of information by our consciousness and practical systems that use the potential of the brain and consciousness to improve human health and well-being. "CREATORS" reduce anxiety and susceptibility to various forms of stress, increase reaction speed, develop mental clarity, freedom of perception, a calm understanding of one's own emotions, thoughts and feelings. Human consciousness stabilizes and gets rid of negatively oriented associations and internal distraction. Information processing, attention, perception of internal sensations and sensory signals are enhanced.

Integrating the data of ongoing research, Tvoriteli create a cognitive interface that forms individual positive motivations for constructive and fruitful activities in all spheres of human life..As tools of this interface, speech and graphic forms with an extended semantic interpretation are used, built on the basic units of cultural information - symbols, images, and products of the universal culture of various eras, cultures and civilizations. They are transformed by the program into a special "MECHANISM" that carries special semantic codes - graphic images and phraseological constructions that enhance Activity, improve Well-being and Mood, as well as motivate and form an energetic positive mood in the user's mind. interpersonal relationships and health.

This "MECHANISM" is represented in the program by virtual phraseological and artistic-graphic constructions. It is used to convey to the user daily updated semantic symbolic information that has a positive - orienting effect on his cognitive consciousness.

Using the "Tvoriteli" program develops in a person the ability, after a few minutes of concentration, to integrate the program into his consciousness and use it throughout the day, regardless of his location.

The task of the program "Tvoriteli" is to continuously orient the psychological and functional resources of its user to the events taking place with him in the process of solving life problems and shaping future reality. The individual mode of using the program is based on universal universal ideas about the "pantheon" of life tasks, forces, elements, principles and phenomena, embedded in the deep basic forms of the classical cultures of the East and West, which form the basis of the artifact consciousness of all mankind.

Human consciousness reflects the world, and the world reflects human ideas on its material basis as an interactive canvas through the active and directed useful activity of the person himself. But, as a rule, the scenario of events that a person creates in his inner space is influenced by its compatibility with the events and phenomena of the external world..In order to ensure this compatibility, three tools must be used:

  • Indicative reactions based on awareness of one's capabilities and assessment of events and actions;
  • Forms of action, as awareness and manifestation of one's activity;
  • Language as a sign system that forms and transmits information.

By "turning on" these tools, a person "adjusts" the components of consciousness that affect activity, well-being and mood in the implementation of his life plans and translates the solution of the problem into a positively oriented symbolic system that predetermines a constructive result.

The program "CREATORS" has as its task to create for the user an integral productive system of physiological, psycho-emotional and existential processes, as well as thinking in the process of life, as a creative activity aimed at the productive satisfaction of spiritual, intellectual, physical and material needs.

To do this, the Tvoriteli program continuously integrates the user's state with the current moment and builds the work of his cognitive consciousness with reality. The purpose of this inner work is a constructive process of solving problems and building a future reality in optimal ways. The algorithms of this internal work become especially relevant for a person in conditions of intensification of work, production and creative processes that create certain modes of increasing loads, to which a person needs to adapt in order to successfully cope with the tasks and not end up in decoherence mode.

In this regard, it should be noted that the introduction and use of lean technologies is an intensive process that, at the first stage of its implementation, creates an excessive impact on the emotional, energetic and cognitive apparatus of a person due to new methods and modes of work associated with the use of human, professional resources and working hours.

The history of the application of Lean technologies - the so-called lean technologies - has been going on for many decades..At the same time, given that the Japanese company Toyota is recognized as the pioneer of this management system in the world, experts often note that only Japanese workers, accustomed to monotonous activities and obedience, are able to master work using Lean technologies: rhythmic, accurate, based on teamwork. And it is absolutely true that Toyota's TPS - Toyota Production System is a philosophy of lean manufacturing, which has already been the subject of hundreds of books and monographs around the world.

However, let's not forget that a system similar to lean manufacturing appeared back in the 1920s in the USSR, although it was not provided with a "social order" in the absence of competition. We can well assume that the scientific organization of labor (NOT), developed in the USSR back in those years on the basis of the CIT, was actively introduced in Japan into its production, and then developed to modern management techniques. Therefore, the idea of ​​any kind of national priority of lean production cannot be recognized as viable. Nevertheless, when implementing this system, it is necessary to take into account the psychological characteristics and mentality of a particular society.

You also need to understand that the effect of the "human factor" on any production system provides for the observance of labor discipline, norms of behavior in a team, sanitary conditions, maintaining order in the workplace, a clear understanding of the algorithms of the production process and following work instructions, the ability to rational planning .

It's no secret that today a significant difference between our employees of all levels - both simple performers and business leaders and production administrators from their Western or Eastern colleagues is the influence of frequent impulsive, unconscious motives and manifestations in working relationships and discipline. These phenomena are dictated by unwillingness to follow the rules, suppressed life and business activity, as well as a low level of business and professional culture, unwillingness to study and raise one's personal and professional level.

Unfortunately, for the most part, our people are used to working in chaos, spreading it to everything around them - space, processes, objects and circumstances, thereby creating a cascade of unfavorable conditions for work and business..Unfavorable conditions should also be considered the lack of creative and working initiative, analytical qualities, the desire to establish communication with buyers and clients, taking into account, first of all, their needs and interests, as well as a complete lack of desire to improve oneself in one's work.

Nevertheless, even Western researchers note the detrimental consequences of such an irrational approach to business organization for the economy and the social sphere. A striking example: scientific studies have proven the dependence of the global factors of the first wave of the global financial crisis on the physical and psychological state of brokers on the New York Stock Exchange. Hence it follows that the promotion of any production management technology, including lean technologies, is based on the principle of understanding, conscientious approach, self-discipline, personal growth and self-development of the consciousness of people involved in this process. That is, it must be recognized that the personal qualities of employees are one of those factors that determine the success of the implementation, use and further evolution of any productive system.

As already mentioned, the program "CREATORS" on the principle of "feedback" uses three main states of a person as stimulating motivation factors, reflecting his relationship with the outside world, covering all his existential processes and integrating him as a person into the world around him and social Wednesday. These are: Activity, Well-being and Mood.

As far as we know, the key point of lean manufacturing technology is the standardization of all work processes, which is based on the development of algorithms for involving personnel in new processes and ways of working. When the work becomes more standardized, understandable and manageable, the effect of the human factor is leveled in it, which is actually reduced to a negative or positive manifestation of the three described states.

Representation of lean manufacturing as a chain of processes that have their own phases of transition predetermines the conditions for decreasing and increasing the intensity of the manifestation of the states of a person - the operator of the system at different stages of its work..This leads to the need to flexibly and constantly integrate a person through the state of his consciousness into the work process, thereby ensuring not only the quality of work, but also its adaptation to new production conditions. In this regard, it becomes possible to use the Tvoriteli program for self-regulatory human activity in the context of its adaptation to the work process.

The Tvoriteli program will help determine the motivations and actions of a specialist of any level in various life processes, including his production activities, creative and labor initiative, effective management and optimization of communication exchange in the work team. With the help of the program, any production activity will turn into a process of implementing a person's internal program in lean technologies and help in managing emotions and states, increasing the level of reflection, communicative competence of management and staff, competent dialogization of the production and management process.

The Tvoriteli program is based on the idea that the work of a person as a large and integral functional system is based on a single phenomenology of behavior, self-identification in this phenomenology as a person and self-regulation in a system of perceived opportunities, including in social and industrial environment.

The program is presented as a model correlated with the integral flow of human life. This is a working scheme that serves a certain range of specific tasks, covering three main areas of human life: the Sphere of intellectual and spiritual development; The sphere of health and self-regulation of the body; Sphere of vital interests: material development, activity and interpersonal relations. At the center of the program is a person who performs useful activities, transforms the world, and gradually realizes his capabilities. The program adequately reflects the relationship between the systems of self-regulation of the individual and the picture of the internal connections of such a phenomenon as human consciousness. In the hands of the user, it becomes an individual working tool, a productive system in almost all areas of human life, including his professional activity..

In fact, "CREATORS" is a technology for the development of the cognitive-semantic apparatus of consciousness, based on associative perception, graphic visualization, functional adaptation, phraseological construction and linguistic semantics. What is especially important for self-actualization and professional adaptation of a person, which excludes the possibility of the phenomenon of “closed consciousness” and decoherence, the operation of the “CREATORS” program also implies for its user the inhibition of irrational and destructive psychological processes that interfere with any work process.

under the conditions of the program, irrational and depressive states are "exhausted", and productive psychological, physiological, emotional and mental forms are strengthened, developed and directed within the framework of the activities carried out.

Using the program "Tvoriteli" allows a person to:

  • Easily and effectively integrate into any production process, including the process associated with new rhythms and rules;
  • adapt to any phase transitions, remaining in a state of functional activity and the ability to navigate in the environment;
  • quickly switch to the execution of parallel tasks without making mistakes;
  • to consciously and rationally build your work schedule;
  • rationally plan and manage the work team, exchange information, establish a hierarchy of relationships in the team;
  • to avoid pathological fatigue, stress and depressive states that affect the quality of the work process.

The program uses the principle that forms "constructed" in the inner space of human consciousness "strive" to be realized in the outer space and "find" the necessary means and opportunities for this.

Thus, the Tvoriteli program opens up new opportunities for a person to manage the external and internal processes of his life and professional activity.

It increases a person's vitality, his attention and interest in ongoing activities and full self-realization, forms the necessary motivation for professional development and personal growth, makes a person a subject of action, revealing the potential of the Creator inherent in him..

From the point of view of its practical value and functionality, the Tvoriteli program can be recommended as an effective working tool of Lean Technologies, as an innovative Russian product developed in the Krasnodar Territory, mainly on the platform of research conducted by Russian scientists.