Tvoriteli - a program to improve the quality of life

CREATORS is the first and only computer program in the world that helps a person build a harmonious own reality and successfully manage three main areas of the life world:

  • Region of Inner Development and Intelligence
  • The area of ​​health, function and development of the body
  • The area of ​​practical tasks, human relations, material values, wealth, professional interests and achievements

The Creators program from the "Planet of Regions" company is a unique technology that combines the laws of nature with neurobiological research in dozens of universities around the world!

The "CREATORS" program was created by a team of scientists on the basis of the Kuban State University. Its appearance was preceded by fundamental research in the field of psychophysiology, neurophysiology, linguistics, integrative anthropology and the theory of consciousness for 14 years in 16 universities around the world. To create the "CREATORS" program, neurobiological studies of various methods of concentration of consciousness were used, which give a person great cognitive and emotional benefits.

The program is extremely easy to use, you can work with it from a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone for just a few minutes a day.

The Tvoriteli program works effectively regardless of the age, religious and political beliefs, type of activity and sphere of personal interests of its users.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the published scientific reports and materials on the "Creators" program:

Since the beginning of May 2018, the Planet of Regions company has been releasing a new information product called Tvoriteli. This product is a program for the psychological adjustment of an individual to solve various psychological problems of a different nature and objectively build their future.

The product is a program that is accessed through the user's personal account. The program has various settings. These settings can only be used to work with one user.

The program cannot be bought by a family or any community. This is theoretically impossible..There are billions of combinations in the program, and violation of even one parameter (when trying to share) will lead to false results and the program will crash.

The Tvoriteli program is strictly individual!

Purchased with an annual subscription through a distributor of the Planet of Regions company. After the purchase, you will be sent your personal login and password for your personal account.

Who needs the Tvoriteli program?

  • Are you unable to build relationships the way you dream about it?
  • Are you still on the search and can't find "your" person? Have stress and chronic fatigue become your constant companions?
  • Are you feeling lethargic and you just don't feel like doing anything?
  • Don't like the reflection in the mirror?
  • Are you a regular client of all kinds of psychologists, a bunch of healers, and are you tired of delving into yourself, while not getting serious changes in your life and stable results?
  • You work hard on yourself, study. You are in the process of personal development all the time. For many, you are an example of a successful person and an example to follow. At the same time, some tasks remain unresolved and there is no feeling of spiritual comfort and satisfaction with their results.
  • Are you financially unstable, and no matter what you do, you can't break out of the vicious circle?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, then it means that the time has come to gain new tools and new achievements in your life!

The Tvoriteli program will become your guide in the world of unresolved problems and will give you access to the Light from the vicious circle of gray and everyday life!

How to work with the Tvoriteli program?

  1. You are taking a test that determines your initial state
  2. The creative mechanism is formed for 1 cycle (21 days)
  3. The Creative Mechanism opens for you and you start working with the Program following the instructions
  4. Daily work time of 2-3 minutes or more
  5. During the whole cycle (21 days) you work with the Program every day
  6. On the 22nd day, you need to take the test again, because your state has changed, and then according to the specified algorithm

You get a tool for continuous self-improvement and after 21 days of regular practice you get a new improved version of yourself..

Your health, energy, vitality, joy, relationships with loved ones are really a worthwhile investment.