Pumping technique using one FSC Koltsov plate

If you have only one FSC, then pumping will not be very effective, but it is still necessary to do it.

Methods of pumping using one FSC:

  1. You will need the help of another person. It is necessary to lie down or stand up so that the spine is straight. Your assistant should slowly lead the Corrector along the back along the spine, stopping for 1-2 minutes on the projections of the energy centers. You need to start from the coccygeal zone and end with the first cervical vertebra. Then take the FSC in your own hands, as in prayer, and also slowly move it from bottom to top along the energy centers, ending with the level of the “third eye”.
  2. If there are no helpers, you can sit for 5 minutes, putting the FSC under the coccyx, then shift it to the 7th cervical vertebra for 5 minutes.
  3. Take the FSC in your palms and rotate it as if you are soaping your hands, you can also move it around your arms, legs and body, as if you are soaping. Pay special attention to the palms and feet. Before “soaping” FSC, do a self-massage by patting the whole body with both hands.