FSC pumping to activate all processes in the body

Functional state correctors have been on the market since 2008, since the foundation of the Planet of Regions Company.

The main task of Correctors is to improve the quality of a person's life by improving his physical, energy and psycho-emotional state.

The second most important factor for obtaining these results is daily pumping with the help of FSC. It is thanks to regular pumping that the process of healing and, as a result, rejuvenation of the body is accelerated at times.

The use of FSC, namely the use of water structured on FSC in the required amount and regular pumping, is the key to excellent health and active longevity!

To obtain the maximum effect, it is necessary to apply FSC in accordance with the system:

  • Drink water structured on any FSC every day, based on a volume of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight (this is the physiological norm recommended by the World Health Organization)
  • Do boosts daily
  • Wear FSC in the center of the body or in a place that bothers. It is advisable to change the location of the FSC on the body every 1-2 hours, shifting from place to place
  • Take a shower or bath with FSC structured water. Baths are taken 2-3 times a week, daily, at a comfortable water temperature of 37-40 degrees for 10 minutes
  • During a meal, use the FSC as a stand for dishes, which contains the food and various liquids - water, tea, coffee, homemade and store drinks, sauces, marinades

The following are various types of pumping, well-designed and successfully tested in practice by doctors, lecturers of the Company and grateful consumers of FSC. People all over the world improve their well-being, improve the quality of life and implement their plans, thanks to the active use of Functional State Correctors.

To perform pumping, you can use any FSC that you have available. Use of devices of different series is allowed. Some types of upgrades require the use of certain Correctors.

During pumping IMPORTANT:

  • Respect the drinking regimen (before pumping it is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of structured water, during pumping it is also necessary to drink water)
  • Perform procedures regularly
  • Be positive

We are sure that these recommendations will help you to come to health and success!