The technique of pumping the spine and energy centers

There are two methods for pumping the spine and energy centers.

1st way to pump the spine and energy centers:

Two FSCs are required. It is best to sit down, but you can also reclining. Put one Corrector (preferably No. 2) under the coccyx and keep it there during the entire pumping. Move the second FSC through the energy centers of the body, starting from the bottom, lingering at each point for 1-2 minutes:

  1. under the coccyx (at this point the FSC is located during the entire pumping)
  2. 3 cm below the navel (we move the FSC along points 2-8)
  3. 2 cm above the navel
  4. 2 cm above the xiphoid process (nipple level)
  5. above the armpits in front to the area where the right arm joins the body
  6. above the armpits in front of the area where the left arm connects to the body
  7. on the jugular notch at the base of the neck (level of the 7th cervical vertebra)
  8. 1 cm above the bridge of the nose (the level of the "third eye")

It is advisable to carry out this procedure in the morning and in the evening, you can repeat it during the day, depending on how you feel. Keep in mind that after pumping, the energy level of the body rises sharply, so for people suffering from insomnia, it is better to pump not at night, but a few hours before bedtime.

2nd way to pump the spine and energy centers:

Take the FSC of the "blue" and "green" series - FSC №1 and FSC "LOVE". Apply the correctors in parallel: No. 1 - on the front surface of the body, and FSC "LOVE" - from the side of the spine.

FSC can be combined in different ways: No. 1 and "HARMONY", No. 2 and "HEALTHY GENERATION", No. 3 and "FEMALE GUARD", No. 5 and "SUCCESS" (for pumping the solar plexus).