Technique for pumping the lymph flow with Koltsov's corrector FSC №2

FSC No. 2 is used to pump the lymph flow. The effect will increase if you do exercises before this procedure.

Pumping should start from the bottom up. Take the Corrector and apply for 1-2 minutes alternately:

  • under the feet (do tilts and turns of the body to the right and left)
  • under the knees (squat several times, you can fasten the FSC under the knees with an elastic band)
  • groin areas (squat several times)
  • left and right hypochondrium (deep belly breathing)
  • subclavian lymph nodes (while breathing deeply through the chest)
  • cervical lymph nodes (while pushing the jaw forward)
  • submandibular lymph nodes (make chewing movements)
  • behind the ear lymph nodes (while doing chewing)

You can first pump on the right side, then on the left, you can apply alternately (right and left foot, right and left knee, etc.).