Spinal pumping technique using two Koltsov FSC plates

This pumping opens energy centers, removes blocks, muscle spasms, pain in the spine.

To carry out pumping, the FSC must be combined. Put two Correctors on the surface on which you are going to pump (sofa, bed, floor): first with numbers (names) up, then turn one FSC with its number (name) down. Then, as if stretching the devices, moving one under the coccyx, the second under the cervical spine. FSC should be placed along the body. After that, lie down and pump for 1-5 minutes.

You can use the FSC "HEALING" and "DANILOV LAKE" in pairs for the correction and prevention of diseases of the skeletal system.

FSC No. 18 and 20 work great for herniated discs.

FSC #10 and #13 (or #14) stretch the spine.

FSC №10 can be combined with FSC "HEALING", "DANILOV LAKE", №18, №20.

You can pump the spine while sitting, placing one FSC under the coccyx along the spine, and the second - on the 1st cervical vertebra for 3-10 minutes.