The technique of pumping through the small and main chakras with Koltsov's FSC correctors

In addition to the 7 main ones, a person has 21 more small chakras: feet, knee, inguinal, umbilical, splenic, intercostal, clavicular, shoulder, elbow, palmar, ear. The spleen chakra is not paired, all the rest are paired. Why is it very important to pay attention to them and why is it necessary to improve them with the help of FSC? Because some diseases can occur with problems in the small chakras.

Foot chakras: callus formation, foot swelling, heel spurs, hypertension, seizures, epilepsy, coma, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, insomnia.

Knee chakras: sciatica, arthritis, circulatory disorders, cystitis, pain in the sacrum, lower back and hip joints.

Inguinal chakras: pain in the sides, stiffness of the hip joints, coldness in the lower back, hernias, decreased sex drive, urological diseases, low blood pressure, vomiting, chest pain.

Umbilical chakras: pain in the navel, inoperable hernia, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome.

Spleen chakra: diseases of the uterus, breast tumors, menopause, autoimmune diseases.

Intercostal chakras: weakness, discomfort in the limbs, fever, shingles, dizziness.

Clavicular chakras: hormonal imbalance of the thyroid gland, neck stiffness, pain in the thoracic spine, diseases of the skeletal system due to calcium deficiency, spondylitis.

Shoulder chakras: shoulder pain, gastritis, bowel disease, diarrhea, depression.

Elbow chakras: pain in the elbow joints, arthritis, cold hands, cystitis.

Palm chakras: fasciitis, Dupuytren's contracture, skin infections of the palms and nails.

Ear chakras: deafness, tinnitus, torticollis, traumatic otitis media, facial paralysis, dizziness, eye strain, diaphragmatic pain, shingles.

Consequently, the small chakras must be brought into working condition, i.e., unblocked, which is what we do with the help of pumping the FSC of the "blue" series.

Pumping is performed in the supine position.

  • One FSC should be placed on the splenic chakra, the second and the third – on the main chakras – points 2 and 3 (see figure). Thus, three Functional State Correctors are applied simultaneously.
  • Further, 5 FSCs are applied simultaneously. Put two on the foot chakras (under the feet), two on the palm chakras (inner side of the hand), one Corrector on point 7..
  • Place two devices on the knee chakras (behind the knees), two on the elbows, one on point 1.
  • Put two Correctors on the inguinal chakras, two on the clavicle chakras, and one on point 6.
  • Two FSCs should be placed on the ear chakras, two on the intercostal chakras, and one on point 4.
  • Place two Correctors on the shoulder chakras, two on the navel chakras, one on point 5.

Apply FSC of the “blue” series on the indicated points for 1-3 minutes.