Varieties of pumping with the help of Koltsov's FSC plates

The main task of Correctors is to improve the quality of a person's life by improving his physical, energy and psycho-emotional state.

The second most important factor for obtaining these results is daily pumping with the help of FSC.

It is thanks to regular pumping that the process of healing and, as a result, rejuvenation of the body is accelerated at times.

Leveling in case of emergency

When it is necessary to quickly bring a person back to normal, for example, after a public speech or in case of loss of consciousness, several FSCs can be affected at once.

1st method: place four FSCs at the same time: one device on both hands and both feet of a lying person. Keep 10-20 minutes. Then put the FSC on the back of your head. It works well with loss of consciousness, fainting FSC №10. If a person is in a coma, the relative caring for him holds one Corrector in the patient's hands for 3-10 minutes with his own hands, the other FSC lies under the patient's coccyx.

2nd method: place three FSCs in the prone position: place one under the coccygeal zone, the second one on the solar plexus zone, the third one on the “third eye” zone, or on the throat center. Works well with energy breakdowns.

Pumping a local problem area

Two FSCs of the “blue” series are required: one is located under the coccyx, the other is located above the problem area, at the site of the pathological process in the organ or in the projection of pain (except for the heart area). For example, in case of a diseased liver, the second Corrector should be applied to the projection of the liver, in case of uterine pain - to the projection of the uterus, etc. The duration of each pumping point is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It is also possible to pump such paired organs as the kidneys with two FSCs, placing them from the back on the projections of the organs, at a distance of about 15 cm from each other for 3-5 minutes.

Pumping "Healthy tummy"

If your stomach hurts, drink warm salted water structured on FSC No. o2 and massage your stomach in circular motions, holding FSC No. 2 under your palm. If you understand that this is food intoxication, you need to drink warm salted water structured on FSC No. 2 (at least 1.5-2 liters), and connect FSC No. 5, PROTETION No. 3 and (or) No. 5 .

Leveling "Track"

All Correctors are randomly laid out on the floor, one step wide. You need to step over them, just walk back and forth..The effect is observed from the FSC "blue" and "green" series: anxiety relief, increased tone, improved well-being. But do not mix Concealers "blue" and "green" series. Some part of the track should consist of “blue” devices, “green” devices can be located after a meter. In this way, the genitourinary system and the venous blood flow of the legs are well pumped.

Leveling "Everything in its place"

If you have a prolapse of any organs, you need to actively apply FSC No. 7: wear it on your palm above the prolapsed organ. When the right kidney is lowered, the FSC should be placed on the right, the left - on the left. It is also necessary to take a shower with Corrector No. 7 twice a day and sleep with this device. And even with the omission of the right kidney, it is important to cleanse the liver.

Leveling "Koltsov's Ring"

If you are already an experienced FSC user and you have 8, 10, 12, 16 or 18 devices (an even number is required, except for 14 pieces), you can assemble a ring out of them. In the ring, you can mix FSCs of any series - "blue", "green" and "lilac". You need to assemble the ring correctly. The diameter of the ring should be 78 cm. Place all 8 (or more) FSCs vertically at the same distance from each other, first with numbers (names) in a circle. Then after one FSC turn the numbers (names) from the circle. Thus, the arrangement of devices will alternate: number in the circle, number from the circle.

When the ring is ready, feel free to step into it. Pumping "Koltsov's Ring" is very fast and efficient. During this procedure, the biofield is cleared, the energy status is quickly restored, the work of all organs and systems is harmonized, the processes of purification and rejuvenation are actively launched.

Leveling "Dry nose"

If you have a runny nose, just put FSC No. 16 with a narrow end to your nose, as if you are sniffing it, and hold for 10-15 minutes. This should be done several times a day.

Leveling "Sports"

Pumping must be done on the move. Beginners are not recommended to do!

Place two FSCs of the "blue" series (possibly #1 and #5) just below the ankles of both legs, on the inside. Place FSC No. 2 on the sacrum and just do exercises or sports for 20 to 60 minutes.

Athletes can do the following pumping: Collectible FSC "POWERFUL WATER" - on the zone of the third chakra (solar plexus level), FSC No. 2 - on the coccyx zone..

Leveling the Way to Success

Everyone makes plans for at least tomorrow. The probability of fulfilling these plans will increase significantly if you do the following: in the evening, on a blank piece of paper, write down all your plans for the coming day. Roll up and put this piece of paper on the FSC "SUCCESS", place a glass on top and pour water into it, then drink this water in one gulp and fill the glass again.

Drink the second glass of water in the morning (also in one gulp) and pump: place FSC No. 16 under the coccyx, and move FSC SUCCESS through the energy centers from bottom to top, lingering on each center for 1-2 minutes.

Be sure, after such a boost, your plans will be realized by 80-99%!

Ultra-Fast Leveling

Drink in small sips four glasses of warm water structured on any FSC. From fifteen Correctors of any series, make five houses (a triangular construction from FSC), put them on the table so that they form a pentagon. Insert five fingers inside five houses (one finger in one house), press your fingers to the corners of the houses, lift this structure and, pointing the houses to the body, intensively lift it over your head seven times and lower it below the groin, that is, move it up and down, up -down seven times, but no more! As a result, you do pumping in seven seconds.

Leveling to restore psycho-emotional balance

Place the FSC FORMULA OF LOVE under the right foot. YANG”, under the left – “FORMULA OF LOVE. YIN”, to the right hand – Collection FSC “POWERFUL WATER”, to the left hand – FSC “LOVE”, to the 3rd chakra – FSC “HARMONY”.

Pumping to restore hormonal balance

Place the FSC FORMULA OF LOVE under the right foot. YANG”, under the left – “FORMULA OF LOVE. YIN”, hold in your hands – Collection FSC “POWERFUL WATER” and “INDI”. On the 3rd chakra, you can additionally apply Collection FSC "BALANCE", if there is pancreatic dysfunction, or on the 5th chakra Collection FSC "YUDEK" - in case of dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Leveling with six collectible FPS

Six Collection Correctors are required. Drink in small sips six times half a glass of warm water, each of which is structured on one of these FSCs. Next, put one Collectible FSC in the palm of your hand with either side, place a house on it (a triangular structure made of FSC), place the remaining Collectible FSCs under the coccyx and on the neck..Make circular movements with the brush clockwise in the area of ​​the chakras, performing four rotations in one second: under the navel, solar plexus, sternum, under the right collarbone, under the left collarbone, down the throat and between the eyebrows. One second for each chakra, four rotations per second, for a total of seven seconds.

After that, put the next Collector's FSC in your palm, and put the one that was in your palm in place of the one you put in your palm.

You do this with all Collector FSCs. Pumping takes six times seven seconds, that is, forty-two seconds. ATTENTION! It is not recommended to influence the chakras for more than one second!

The advantage of this pumping is that in less than a minute you can clean the channels and record information images corresponding to these Collectible FSCs on the body fluids.

If you do not have six Collection FSCs, you can add any Correctors.

Leveling with seven collectible FPS

It is better to perform this procedure while standing, it is allowed to sit and lie down. First you need to drink 1 glass of water, structured on the FSC “POWERFUL WATER”. Place this Corrector under the coccyx; FSC "OLGIR" - on the 7th cervical vertebra; FSC “HEALTH KEY” – at the Feng-Fu point; FSC "YUDEK" and "INDI" - under the collarbones (at an angle of 45 degrees); FSC "RODNIK LAM" - on the liver, FSC "BALANCE" - on the pancreas.

Cross leveling “Anti-parasite. Antivirus"

Drink 1 glass of water structured on FSC "NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC". 20 minutes to wear this Corrector on the projection of the thymus. Drink 1/2 glass of water structured on FSC №1 "ANTIPARASITIC".

Perform (3-7 minutes) cross pumping with four FSCs at the same time: FSC №1 "ANTIPARASITARY", FSC №14 "GOLDEN PYRAMID", FSC "HEALING-2", FSC "OLGIR".

Spray yourself with water structured on FSC "NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC". After 20 minutes, complete the procedure by taking water structured on FSC "OLGIR" and spraying with water structured on FSC "GOLDEN PYRAMID".

Leveling "Antistress. Anti-Fear

Drink water structured on the FSC "ANTICATACLISM". Sprinkle yourself with water structured on FSC “HARMONY”. It is necessary to sit on FSC No1 “ANTIPARASITIC”..Fix FSC “HARMONY” and “LOVE” on the kidneys; FSC "ANTICATACLISM" - on the projection of the solar plexus; FSC “LHASA” – on the projection of the thymus gland or on the throat chakra; FSC No11 "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE" - on the 7th cervical vertebra.

The pumping time is 7-10 minutes. Upon completion of the pumping, you need to drink water structured on FSC No1 and spray yourself with water structured on FSC "LHASA".

Cross leveling "Narcologist in your pocket"

Drink 1 glass of water structured on the FSC "SPRING OF SHAMBALA".

Spray yourself with water structured on the FSC "HEALING". Make a cross pumping: under the feet - FSC "SHAMBALA SPRING" and "LAM SPRING"; in the hands - FSC "HEALING" and №11 "HEALTHLY LIFESTYLE".

Pumping time - 3-7 minutes.

Complete the pumping by taking 1 glass of water structured on FSC "RODNIK LAM" and spraying with water structured on FSC No. 11 "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE".

Practice this leveling for 42 days.

Pumping "Track for the spine"

Drink 1 glass of water structured on FSC “POWERFUL WATER”.

On the sacrum - FSC "POWERFUL WATER"; on the back aspect of the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) – FSC “SUCCESS”; on the 7th cervical vertebra – FSC №13 "HEALTHY INTELLIGENCE"; on the cervical spine - FSC "LONGEVITY".

Lie down on this track every day for 20 minutes after cross pumping.

At the end of the procedure, spray yourself with water structured on the FSC "POWERFUL WATER".

Vertical turbo boost

These pumps are performed while standing. There are 3 different ways:

  1. Pumping for purification from essences: Place the collection FSC "OLGIR" under the 1st chakra (under the coccyx), holding it with the inner side of the thighs; FSC №20 "CLEANSING" - on the head or above the head, in the same projection as "OLGIR"; FSC №20 can be replaced with FSC №17 "REVIVAL".
  2. Leveling to cleanse the genus: place the FSC “RELOAD. CLEANING" and "REBOOT. FILLING" under the feet; Collection FSC “POWERFUL WATER” – under the 1st chakra, holding it with the inner side of the thighs; Pendant "ENERGY OF LIFE" - first place on the thymus gland, then on the 7th cervical vertebra. The total pumping time is no more than 20 minutes..Before pumping, it is obligatory to take water, preferably structured on FSC “POWERFUL WATER”, or 30 ml of water structured on FSC “POWERFUL WATER” and “RELOAD”. PURIFICATION". You complete the pumping with the intake of water, structured on the FSC “RELOAD. FILLING". Spray yourself with the same water.
  3. FSC "POWERFUL WATER" under the sacrum is fixed by the inner side of the thighs; Pendant "ENERGY OF LIFE" - on the thymus; FSC "OLGIR" - first between the shoulder blades, then on the 7th cervical vertebra, then above the head between the palms. Each position is 3-5 minutes. Before pumping, it is obligatory to take water, it is recommended to structure it on the “ENERGY OF LIFE” Pendant.