A complex technique for pumping with collection FSCs

Drink water structured on FSC “POWERFUL WATER” and do the usual cross pumping on FSC “POWERFUL WATER” and “KEY OF HEALTH”.

Sit on the FSC “POWERFUL WATER”, and first apply the FSC “KEY OF HEALTH” to the thymus gland for 3 minutes, then transfer it to the 7th cervical vertebra, to the Feng-Fu point, to the projection of the pancreas, to the projection of the liver , on the projection of the stomach.

All this time you continue to sit on the FSC “POWERFUL WATER”, and you shift the FSC “KEY OF HEALTH”, stopping at the indicated points for 3 minutes.

If you experience numbness of the extremities, wearing the FSC "KEY OF HEALTH" on the projection of the gallbladder will relieve you of this discomfort.

Then you tap the gallbladder meridian. To do this, put the FSC "POWERFUL WATER" on a chair, put your foot on it, as shown in the figure, "POWERFUL WATER" - under the foot.

With the corrector "KEY OF HEALTH" start tapping the meridian of the gallbladder along the outer side of the leg (lampas) from the bottom up - from the bone to the buttock. 50 times on one leg, 50 times on the other leg. Finish the technique by taking water structured on the FSC “KEY OF HEALTH”. You spray yourself with water structured on FSC “POWERFUL WATER”.