Triangle pumping technique with Koltsov's FSC correctors

Triangle leveling is an enhanced leveling for people with a highly unbalanced energy system.

Four FSCs are used for this. Three of them fold into a triangular design, as shown in the picture. You can temporarily fasten the Correctors, for example, with adhesive tape or an elastic band.

It is better to use the FSC of the "blue" or "green" series, you can mix these series. It is better not to use the FSC of the "lilac" series in this leveling. One Corrector is placed under the coccyx. The pumping scheme is the same as described in the article "Pumping energy centers." The only difference is that a triangular structure of these devices is used as the second FSC.

It is necessary to apply the structure to the body in a triangle made up of the narrow ends of the FSC. It is very important to pre-check the design with a pendulum. It is necessary to combine the Correctors so that the pendulum moves clockwise.

The exposure time at each point can be from 30 seconds to 10-20 minutes, but always at regular intervals. For example, apply 30 seconds - 1.5 minutes break, apply again for 30 seconds. They applied for 1 minute - a 3-minute break, for 10 minutes they applied - a 30-minute break, etc.

Time must be kept very clearly! Apply FSC to the projection of any organ on the body (except the heart). This pumping is very effective in tumor processes and severe pathologies.