Personal FSC "Pendant according to the druids' horoscope"

FSC "Pendant" is designed for individual wear. "Pendant" is the most resonant carrier of harmonizing information contained in the annual rhythms of the Earth's magnetic field and external cosmic radiation and has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and on its individual functions. "Pendant", like all FSCs, synchronizes the internal rhythms of the body with the rhythms of the external field, which is one of the main criteria for maintaining health. Functional state corrector "Coulomb" has all the functions inherent in FSC. Exact correspondence to your tree allows you to emphasize the individual characteristics, abilities of a person. The main thing is that “your” tree stimulates the immune system better than other means and helps in various situations.

Even at the turn of the 20th century, humanity entered a qualitatively new stage in its life. We live in the 21st century - the century of saturated energy-informational danger. Every day we improve and fill our lives with various "goods". However, is everything so sweet? Gradually, a person realizes what danger this progress is fraught with. After all, with every step on the way "forward", we shackle ourselves with electromagnetic fields, energy information... Realizing this, we try to escape, strive for nature, away from stuffy megacities, from the imposition of signals, electromagnetic interference and radiation. All normal people living in the middle lane, and not only in it, are very fond of walking in the forest. And some people, using their intuition, approach various trees in order to meet again with this invisible, subtle energy, in order to feel better, get a charge of ions and many other useful things that surround us in the virgin forest. And what serious effect can trees have on us? Improved well-being, increased psychological state, and many other beneficial effects! It was from this position that a new product was developed - the PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL corrector of the functional state "Pendant", in accordance with the patent of the Russian Federation No. 2251534,2005

The functional status corrector "Pendant" has been improved in accordance with the horoscope of the druids. Druids distinguished 22 types of trees corresponding to people with different birthdays. Of these, 18 species are paired and 4 species are unpaired. Pairs are located at diametrically opposite points of the Earth's motion around the Sun. If you look at the motion of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, then all the periods corresponding to the various trees fall directly on the diameters passing through the Sun. Therefore, the main characteristic here is the duration of daylight hours. It is clear that FSCs that remagnetize in the resonator obey the same rules, they naturally depend on the declination of the Sun over the Earth, and on light, and on color (that is, on the length of daylight). It turned out that the polarization of trees is as accurate as possible for a particular person. Therefore, passing a FSC pendant from one person to another is not only unsafe, but there can be unpleasant actions. Each pendant is designed to be worn individually.

All trees have a direction of information exchange..In addition to the fact that they have this direction from the roots below to the branches and leaves above, it turns out that there is another preferred direction of information and energy exchange along the surface of the Earth. As a rule, this direction is from north to south. However, several species of trees have been found that have this direction from west to east. In this regard, one must clearly understand that if one stands on one side of a tree, it will pump out subtle energy and work like an antibiotic, and on the other hand, pump it up. During the technological production of the internal filling of the FSC - pendants, only the "pumping" function was deliberately left. Therefore, pendants are guaranteed to work as immunomodulators, which “pump up” our subtle energy about 4 times faster. Everything is done for reasons of "do no harm"!

"Pendant" has all the functions inherent in FSC.

The functional state corrector "Pendant" allows you to more flexibly tune in to any person, bring his energy-information state to normal in a short time, due to the selection of the resonant component.

WARNING! It is recommended to choose this type of pendant by the date of your birth, which must fall within the period (per day) indicated in the description for the druid horoscope.