FSC Pendant No. 9 "Lipa" from 11.03 to 20.03; from 13.09 to 22.09

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It is recommended to choose "Pendants" by the date of your birth in accordance with the horoscope of the druids: No. 9 LINDE 11.03 - 20.03; 13.09 - 22.09. According to the forest horoscope, people of this sign are characterized by a constant thirst for activity, combined with common sense and, as a result, organizational skills..

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". FSC "Pendant according to the horoscope of the Druids"

September 13 - 22 - Summer Linden gives the impression of holy innocence. It is exquisitely aesthetic and sublimely inaccessible. However, deep down, she deeply understands the psychology of people and strives to keep everyone under the power of her spell, feeling the power of her magnetism.

March 11 - 20 - Winter Linden is surrounded by a veil of mystery and unearthly wisdom. She seems mature beyond her years. However, alone with herself, she is naive as a teenager and is tormented by doubts whether the new perfume suits her, whether it is decent to remind the boss of her merits, what passers-by thought of her.

She is incredibly charming and knows how to use her charm. It can make anyone's head spin. She dreams of a stable, secure, comfortable life and often does not realize that all this is of no greater importance to her. It easily adapts to any conditions. It is enough for her to have a tent to create an atmosphere of home comfort. Calm in appearance and even somewhat weak-willed, silent, shy, at the same time serene and pessimistic.

Often, LINDE goes through life with a feeling of boredom. This is her main enemy. Sometimes unstable, especially sensitive to flattery. Full of contradictions, very difficult to decipher. One thing is certain about her: she is very pretty. It is very pleasant and easy to communicate with her, there is a feeling of mental comfort. Linden patiently listens to the interlocutor, treats his neighbors with respect, does not seek to command them. Everyone loves her very much even when you can’t really rely on her.

Has a practical mindset, a penchant for technology, resourceful and accurate. If he meets a soul mate on the path of life, conjugal love can restore her balance, relieve contradictions. At the same time, he has a highly developed sense of self-worth. Sometimes jealous, often for no reason.

The traits of those born under the sign of LINDE: sociability, observation, realism, organizational skills.

A person born under this sign is distinguished by suppleness, a sense of the boredom of life with the desire to recklessly have fun, optionality, artistry. The Slavs considered Linden the tree of the goddess of love and beauty Lada, the Scandinavians - a similar goddess Freya. Linden is full of charm and perfectly knows how to use it, it can easily turn your head, it is popular. Communication with her seems easy and pleasant, it is easy to pour out her soul in front of her, to confess, because she is tolerant, does not try to correct anyone, except that she sometimes annoys with actions that are incomprehensible to her, failure to fulfill promises. The discipline invented by people, all sorts of prejudices is incomprehensible to her - after all, you can do whatever your heart desires, as long as it is good in its own way. Winners are not judged..

She's lucky, things come easy to her, and she lacks the stamina to achieve difficult things. It can be led, set a program, disciplined by someone else, a manager, an entrepreneur. Linden is malleable, compliant, calmly accepts everything that life gives. Sometimes he dreams of comfort and a stable life, but in fact he can adapt to any conditions. Inconstancy is her life style. Life is often seen by her as monotonous, boring, and she abandons the next serious business. Her abilities are great and varied, but she develops them too little.

Free professions suit her. The monotony of family life also burdens her. Jealous. Sensitive to flattery. Almost all of its negative qualities result from the inability to retain and stabilize success. Lipa usually solves this problem with diversity, a change in role, style, genre, but the audience also changes. She has constant connections only with equally loving diversity and not too serious people. In this sign, the music of the spheres resounds loudly in its endless variety of rhythms, and the meditating soul hears these subtle cosmic vibrations and brings the highest life pulsations in the form of arts into the dense world.


  1. Attach Koltsov's FSC pendant to your chest or stomach.
  2. Close your eyes and mentally open up to the tree corresponding to your sign (pendant)
  3. Imagine how its energy penetrates you and spreads throughout your body.
  4. When dealing with a tree, the emotional component is important, it must be approached with an open heart.
  5. Merge with the tree as one, imagine that you are it, and it is you, and stand without thinking about anything and without worrying about anything until you feel that you are energized.
  6. A sign of a quality session is various shades of tenderness and gratitude to the tree.

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