FSC Pendant No. 8 "Willow" from 01.03 to 10.03; from 3.09 to 12.09

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It is recommended to choose "Pendants" by the date of your birth in accordance with the horoscope of the druids: No. 8 IVA 01.03 - 10.03; 03.09 - 12.09. Ancient astrologers attributed extreme romance and rich imagination to those born under this sign, combined with artistry..

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". FSC "Pendant according to the horoscope of the Druids"

3 - September 12 - Summer Willow gives the impression of a pragmatic fatalist. It bends under the pressure of circumstances, but each time it straightens and continues to grow in the same direction. But most of all she wants peace and quiet, so that she can walk alone in the moonlight, dream and not worry about anything.

March 1-10 - Winter Willow seems vulnerable, impressionable and childishly naive. To lie to her does not turn her tongue, but to upset her is simply a sin. However, deep down, she does not expect gifts from life and only cares about her own affairs.

With its song melancholic beauty, IVA is very attractive and original. Even if only appearance determines the basis of her charms (especially if IVA is a woman), you feel something mysterious in her. She is full of vague thoughts, unconscious desires, which sometimes she herself cannot determine. Very sensitive, loves the heat of the sun, being near the water. Reacts to all smells and tastes. Like no one else, he can use momentary joys and not deny himself any of them. You should not believe the external meekness of the WILLOW. Contrary to her, she is businesslike and decisive, knows well what she wants. She never imposes anything on anyone, because she has a developed sense of respect for others and no desire to command.

There is something of a poet in it. Her melancholic maxims about the approaching autumn and the fleeting life should not be taken too seriously and considered a manifestation of pessimism. IVA can be a very difficult partner, as it does not have the ability to adapt quickly and does not like compromises. Her defenselessness and helplessness is often only a tactic. At times for fun, and sometimes for personal gain, she brilliantly knows how to play a weak creature out of herself. In general, in life he knows how to defend himself superbly.

In feelings, she is more romantic than sentimental. He loves sensual pleasures, makes them poetic. IVA does not like everyday, colorless feelings. She has artistic abilities, intuition and a rich imagination. Sometimes she is a good psychologist, which, with a certain insight, allows her to guess other people's thoughts and desires. Her life could have flowed quite calmly, if not for the excessive attraction to love suffering. However, her complaints should not be taken seriously: feelings that are not embellished with suffering are not appreciated by her.

Features of those born under the sign of WILLOW: intuition, rich imagination.

The ruler of this sign is the Moon. People born under the sign of Willow are very difficult to unravel, as all the mysterious aspects of nature associated with the Moon are superimposed on them..The "antennas" of their psyche are constantly on, thanks to which they can use even the most remote corners of memory.

Favorable aspects of character are manifested, as a rule, in their passive perseverance and insight. People born in the first half of the sign are more prone to sudden mood swings, which results in a certain inconstancy of character. Favorable qualities are receptivity to change and the ability to quickly seize opportunities.

People born in the second half of the sign tend to disregard advice; at the same time, their arguments are not convincing. The favorable qualities of these people are manifested in ingenuity and excellent memory.

A person born under the sign of Willow is distinguished by romanticism, passion for love suffering, sharpness of feelings, intuition, subtle active contemplation, mysticism. Something mysterious is felt in a person of this sign, Willow is full of vague thoughts and elusive sensations, almost indefinable in words, very sensitive. Susceptible to smells and tastes, incl. to the "psychic smell" of people, etc. Her state of sleepy-melancholy often flashes into restless excitement.

This state can be called mobile expectation or active contemplation. Verba's consciousness is a stream of water, a series of endlessly changing emotional experiences. Knows how to use every moment as a "sensation", does not miss the slightest joy of feelings. She has artistic abilities, loves beauty in any form, is gifted with artistic flair and a rich imagination.

In feelings, she is more romantic than sentimental, does not like everyday, colorless emotions. He loves sensual experiences only on condition that they are colored with poetry. She has an exceptional passion for love experiences, they are vital to her, attract her, excite her. If Verba then complains, do not believe her: a feeling not colored by suffering would be insipid for her. In marriage, she secretly considers herself misunderstood, underestimated, she lacks romance in everyday life.

Although she is attached to home and family, she dreams of some wanderings, magical worlds, she tries to make it happen. The feeling that she is not of this world, but in this world, somewhat irritates her, makes her capricious, demanding of those earthly people whom she allows to love herself, accompany in life, help on this not too beautiful Earth. I want to sacrifice everything earthly for something inexpressible, otherworldly. Mysticism. V. likes to play a weak defenseless consciousness, but in fact he knows how to defend himself very well, he does not compromise. This is the sign where the Feminine principle of Nature is able to control..

Verba is resolute, knows what she wants, but never imposes anything on others. She does not need strong power in this world at all, and she allows everyone to live the way they want, if they do not interfere with her doing the same. Verba's melancholy does not mean apathy at all.

Pessimism is just a departure to another existence, wanderings in the Subtle World. Often surprises others with the fact that he can foresee events, and other miracles of intuition.


  1. Attach Koltsov's FSC pendant to your chest or stomach.
  2. Close your eyes and mentally open up to the tree corresponding to your sign (pendant)
  3. Imagine how its energy penetrates you and spreads throughout your body.
  4. When dealing with a tree, the emotional component is important, it must be approached with an open heart.
  5. Merge with the tree as one, imagine that you are it, and it is you, and stand without thinking about anything and without worrying about anything until you feel that you are energized.
  6. A sign of a quality session is various shades of tenderness and gratitude to the tree.

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