FSC Pendant No. 4 "Cypress" from 25.01 to 03.02; from 26.07 to 04.08

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It is recommended to choose "Pendants" by the date of your birth in accordance with the horoscope of the druids: No. 4 CYPARIS 25.01 - 03.02; 26.07 - 04.08. As the ancient horoscope says, the traits of those born under the sign of Cypress are constancy, loyalty, intelligence, logic, and analytical mind..

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". FSC "Pendant according to the horoscope of the Druids"

July 26 - August 4 - Summer Cypress stands out for its talent, beauty, generosity and strength. Life, as a rule, puts these people above others. However, in fact, they do not value it at all. Most of all, they care about freedom and the right to do whatever they want.

January 25 - February 3 - Winter Cypress is extremely honest with himself and others. His actions and thoughts are free from stamps. He does not impose himself on anyone and leaves everyone the right to live the way he likes. And yet, deep down, he would like to be the center of the universe, which attracts others, forcing them to revolve around him.

Slender, strong, with a chiselled strong silhouette and simple regular features. However, there is something harsh in him, something from a man of nature. It is not devoid of sophistication, there is something in it from the unspoiled civilization of man. Satisfied with little and adapts to the situation. Can live under any conditions and be happy at the same time. Quickly reaches maturity and independence.

Does not attach importance to success in life, does not pursue fame, money. The only thing he wants is to be happy. Avoids everything that would put him in trouble. He loves summer walks, animals and hunting. It can be seen in the boat, thinking about the fishing rod and, despite this, he does not like loneliness. He tries to arrange his life in such a way as to be among a large family or (from a young age) in a constant society of friends. Not sentimental. Most often, a somewhat rude, but not devoid of warmth person; harsh, but at the same time calm. Pleasant in society. His presence has a calming effect.

CYPARIS loves to dream and, rather, allows itself to be carried by the course of life than organizes it. Immersed in dreams, thoughts are always somewhere else. Avoids heated discussions, regardless of the subject of the dispute. Actually, the elasticity of his character is what they are looking for in him. Unreachable in our loyalty. Sometimes he is faithful to his love, friendship, memories, and if he gives someone a feeling, then without hesitation, you can turn to him for help.

His intelligence is speculative. Favorite hobby - reasoning on any topic. Judgments are thoughtful and sensible. His life most often flows calmly and evenly among those he loves.

The traits of those born under the sign of CYPRUS: constancy of feeling, loyalty, reflexivity, intelligence, analytical mind, logic.

A person born under this sign is distinguished by the talent of friendship, flexibility of character, freedom from the false goals of civilization, and optimism. He does not need much for happiness, he is full of optimism, calm, does not make a tragedy out of any life circumstances, easily adapts..The fact is that he does not set himself selfish super-goals: he does not pursue success, fame, money - he simply wants to live happily, go through life without falling into the traps of false ideals of civilization. He wishes the same for others.

He sensitively captures the essence of the "divide and conquer" tactics, knows how easily the darkness defeats the one who identified himself with a certain function, fit into the framework, found his own six, became a cog in a working or combat mechanism, bought into material goods for compliance rules pleasing to the darkness.

Benevolent, unobtrusive, avoids disputes, his presence calms, frees from bad pretentiousness, he is faithful to friendship, always ready to help. Often his willingness to help is abused, and he usually forgives this with the indulgence of a hero. However, he does not tolerate encroachments on freedom of self-determination, an orderly tone, extreme tediousness and obvious betrayal - in such cases he can speak out directly and harshly, without usually turning into rudeness. Boring bosses do not respect.

A very flexible character, looseness, which allows him to live in harmony with the world - after all, the flexible, as you know, does not break, but hardened, coarsened breaks. Flexibility also attracts many friends to him, and friends are his first vital necessity. Faithful, fiery in friendship and love, without sentimentality. Not empty pity, but active compassion is his style. The mind is lively, clear, full of expediency.

There is a lot of inspiration, improvisation, little formalism and rigid planning in the work. Things are done according to living needs. Constantly immersed in thoughts, dreams. Independence, flexibility and unpretentiousness usually give a balanced life, in a combination of pleasant and useful, among those whom he loves. The Cypress woman often becomes the girlfriend of an idealist, not at all tormented by the everyday problems associated with this.

Cypress is a slender, flexible tree that does not rot. He resolutely does not allow microbes of meanness, bestiality, fear, slavery into his soul and relations with people.


  1. Attach Koltsov's FSC pendant to your chest or stomach.
  2. Close your eyes and mentally open up to the tree corresponding to your sign (pendant)
  3. Imagine how its energy penetrates you and spreads throughout your body.
  4. When dealing with a tree, the emotional component is important, it must be approached with an open heart.
  5. Merge with the tree as one, imagine that you are it, and it is you, and stand without thinking about anything and without worrying about anything until you feel that you are energized.
  6. A sign of a quality session is various shades of tenderness and gratitude to the tree.

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