FSC Pendant No. 14 "Jasmine" from 01.05 to 14.05; from 03.11 to 11.11

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It is recommended to choose "Pendants" by the date of your birth in accordance with the horoscope of the druids: No. 14 JASMINE 01.05 - 14.05; 03.11 - 11.11. Druids endowed those born under the sign of Jasmine with a sharp critical mind and insight..

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". FSC "Pendant according to the horoscope of the Druids"

May 1 - 14 - Summer Jasmine will never miss its benefits and, in response to the most trifling request, will immediately calculate how much it will cost you. But deep down he believes in miracles, speaks in verse and dreams of perfect love.

3 - November 11 - Winter Jasmine gives the impression of a poetic nature and a connoisseur of human souls. The prose of life for him, as it were, does not exist. However, behind this sometimes there is an unsatisfied need for a well-established, prosperous life and a warm nest with geraniums on the windows.

Mobile, lively and sociable, he always attracts to himself with a free and skillful conversation, in addition to his desire, he becomes the center of attention. Usually it is from him that they expect to create a relaxed atmosphere in society. Everyone seems to be balanced, cheerful and without life's problems. Only those closest to him know how, in fact, he is sensitive and capable of being disappointed. Therefore, no matter how hard JASMINE tries to hide it, he is a pessimist from birth.

What in others is incredulity, in him turns into prudence and leads to actions that are cautious and far-sighted. What others have is suspicion, he has only a deeply hidden reserve. He, like no one else, understands the advantage in diplomacy and the ability to organize harmonious relations with others. Unfortunately, these virtues are less common in his own home. Here he seeks to satisfy the need for independence. He does not like to feel bound, does not like restrictions (duties depress him), despite the fact that he always obeys his duty.

He is not alien to a sense of responsibility, but it does not always cause him the best mood. Life in marriage with JASMINE is not easy. Moreover, he is quickly disappointed and gains prejudice. He loves children and feels good with them. Not expecting much from life, he has high hopes for children. He knows how to explain the most difficult questions to them simply and clearly, he does it diligently and judiciously. Children bring him the greatest joy and satisfaction in life.

JASMINE is not a materialist, but often makes good money. He is not afraid of work, his intelligence and liveliness of thought are highly valued by his superiors. Traits of those born under the sign of JASMINE: critical mind, intelligence combined with fantasy, intuition.

People born under the sign of Jasmine are distinguished by sincerity, emotional contact in the company, the search for a free community of the future, and a tendency to longing. Mobile, lively, sociable, the Jasmine man attracts with freedom and the ability to maintain a conversation. He becomes the center of attention, they expect him to cheer up. He seems level-headed, cheerful and unthinking..But close people know how impressionable he really is and how easy it is to disappoint him. Himself able to realize the ideal of humane emotional relations, free community without the violence of one will over another, he almost does not find in this still very imperfect world at least temporarily stable victories of this ideal. He can see the real state of things in the astral-emotional plane of being too clearly.

How much mental strength is enough, he tries to implement the ideal, wash dirty souls, soften someone else's rudeness. In large companies there will always be new people who have not yet disappointed Jasmine, but in constant relationships, pessimism often wins. Despite diplomacy and a sense of duty, marital and family customs of relations are often unbearable for him. He does not like to be bound or bonded, he is offended by the ugly restrictions of modern family life, he hates dead "adult" monotonous games, he does not want to play along.

He is much more tolerant of children. Not expecting much from dead life, he places great hopes on children. He knows how to explain the most difficult questions simply and clearly, he brings up intelligently and carefully. Children bring him the most joy and satisfaction. Not a materialist. He is not afraid of work, and his lively mind is highly valued by his superiors. Passion for the arts. In the sign of Jasmine, rigid structures are blurred, the state approaches the chaotic pole of primary matter, the substance comes to life, and the music of the spheres re-creates the world. However, one must be on the alert: through a chaotic beginning, the onslaught of darkness is facilitated, longing arises precisely in this way, from the collision of living currents with the paralyzing poisons of darkness.


  1. Attach Koltsov's FSC pendant to your chest or stomach.
  2. Close your eyes and mentally open up to the tree corresponding to your sign (pendant)
  3. Imagine how its energy penetrates you and spreads throughout your body.
  4. When dealing with a tree, the emotional component is important, it must be approached with an open heart.
  5. Merge with the tree as one, imagine that you are it, and it is you, and stand without thinking about anything and without worrying about anything until you feel that you are energized.
  6. A sign of a quality session is various shades of tenderness and gratitude to the tree.

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