FSC "Blue" series - basic series of FSC

Functional State Correctors (FSC) with the 5th element of the blue series ("Basic Series") is an innovative Russian development of a new generation that combines all the best properties of already produced FSCs with scientific and technological developments of the last 13 years.< /p>

The FSC of the "blue" series includes: cosmic energy channels, polarization of images of medicinal plants, Ayurvedic preparations, minerals, as well as a set of themes developed by Masaru Emoto. Masaru Emoto is a well-known Japanese researcher, doctor, head of the Hado Institute in Tokyo, who studies the information properties of water.

FSC is a device designed to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiation. The manufacturing technology of FSC repeats the natural principles of the organization of electromagnetic fields of a living organism at the cellular level. The FSC records figurative, harmonious information, which is in the rhythms of the Earth's magnetic field and external cosmic radiation. Thus, the main task of the FSC is to synchronize the internal rhythms of the body with the rhythms of the external field. The information recorded on the FSC makes it possible to effectively counteract destructive psychoenergetic vibrations. FSC also helps the body to neutralize the negative impact of biopathogenic fields.

In Rus', phytotherapy - herbal treatment - has been practiced since ancient times. The invaluable records of ancient herbalists that have come down to us describe the effectiveness of the use of medicinal herbs and plants. They include balanced complexes of natural biologically active substances necessary for normal human life.

Ayurveda (from Sanskrit "pure knowledge") is the oldest holistic system of Vedic medicine, a comprehensive knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and a worldview of how to be in harmony with nature. It originated over 5 thousand years ago. Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective system of alternative medicine.

It is recommended to start your acquaintance with FSC with the "BASIC" series.

It is important to address health issues accumulated over the years and decades in the first place. The theater begins with a hanger, and human health - with the purity of his body. With the help of the "blue" series of FSC, the processes of purification, detoxification are launched, the physiological functions and mechanisms of self-regulation of the body are restored.