FSC Koltsov "Collection" series

Collection Correctors are aimed at solving specific serious health problems, they fill with vitality, harmony and optimism.


  • Quickly restore physical strength, increase activity
  • Normalize the psycho-emotional state
  • Clear your mind of negative thoughts and programs
  • Tune in to the rejuvenation process
  • Correctly perceive the world around us
  • It is easier to formulate your goals, objectives and achieve them

FSCs of the Collection Series are not mass-produced, but are presented in a very limited edition and only as part of the Promotions held by the Planet of Regions Company in a certain period of time.

Therefore, each collectible FSC is priceless, unique and inimitable!

The collection FSCs have been successfully tested and have shown a high level of efficiency. Collectible FSCs are recommended for solving numerous issues of health improvement, prevention, and increasing the vibrational level of FSC users.

So far, all issued Collector's FSCs could be conditionally attributed either to the green series – a number of FSCs contain information about healing springs; or to the golden one – the Channels of Mayan cosmic Theurgy are recorded on the second half – as on golden FSCs.

Interestingly, Sergey V. himself noted that the water samples used for the FSC of the collection series require much more time for replication, which means a more complex, longer information program. Accordingly, the time of structuring water on these correctors (by us, users) has also increased - on some of them it is necessary to hold water for 25-30 minutes.

Let's note that with such FSCs it will no longer be possible to take a shower, if a person stays in the shower for less than the same 30 minutes, then the entire program with FSCs will not have time to work out. For taking baths, it is recommended to prepare structured water in advance, and then pour it into the already filled bath and stir.

As for those Collectible FSCs on which the Mayan channels are recorded, highly specialized, one might say, healing channels have been selected there.

At the Collection FSC we have such serious information that one could almost speak of a transition from prevention to treatment. Why "almost"? The position of S. V. Koltsov and the lecturers of the Company is as follows: After all, a doctor, a specialist, should deal with a specific person. Diagnostics is needed, it is by diagnostics that the doctor verifies the tactics of using FSC in each specific case. Because there are no two identical patients, there are no two identical diseases.