FSC Koltsov "Exclusive" series

The exclusive FSC series was created for health improvement, prevention, and increasing the vibrational level of FSC users.

All proofreaders of the Exclusive series are distinguished by the uniqueness of the information written on them:

  • contribute to the solution of specific issues related to the improvement of the body;
  • work with gender and generic systems;
  • contribute to an increase in the vibrational level of a person for a full life in the new rhythms and energies of the planet.

This exclusive series contains amazing topics: the polarization of various water sources from different, sometimes hard-to-reach corners, selected cosmic energy channels.

Among the FSCs of the Exclusive series are 2 special Correctors, which are created annually based on the results of studying the dynamic changes in the energy-information characteristics of water during Epiphany night (on the night of January 18-19 of each year). These are FSC “NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC” and “LIVING WATER”. These 2 FSCs are only valid for one year.

The Exclusive Series also includes unique FSCs that the Company has produced specially for birthdays and anniversaries over the past few years.

Among the exclusive FSCs, three places of power, developed on the basis of nine rivers and springs of Altai, are very popular. They include:

  • polarization of water from the upper reaches of the rivers Bashkaus, Katun;
  • polarization of rivers and springs at the foot of Mount Belukha: the rivers Kukuya, Ursul, Koksa and the springs of Svyatoy Klyuch, Zolotoy Klyuch (Belukha Mountain is located at a point located at the same distance from the Indian, Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. the carrier of powerful energy-intensive processes, intense energy flows between the mantle, the earth's crust and the upper layers of the ionosphere take place here);
  • polarization of streams in the vicinity of Lake Teletskoye, which since ancient times have contributed to the acceleration of the development of generic problems: the Achilman stream (“guarding”) and the Kulerge stream (“blue stream”).

These polarizations are basic. Also, each Corrector contains a set of more highly specialized information.