FSC "Lilac" series - "Cosmoenergetics"

FSC of the COSMOENERGETIKA series contains various cosmic energy channels, polarization of minerals and healing herbs. Also FSCs are supplemented with channels of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA".

All FSCs of the "lilac" series "Cosmoenergetics" clean, restore and harmonize all components of the human energy-information system: energy centers, channels, meridians, biofield.

The main distinguishing feature of the FSC series "Cosmoenergetics" is their complete information protection. The ability to replicate cosmic energy programs through water environments makes them accessible to the masses and does not require special initiations.

Cosmoenergetics is a system of knowledge and practices aimed at development, self-improvement, spiritual and physical healing of a person. This is a method of non-verbal (wordless) influence on a person. Recovery occurs due to the impact on a person of special energy cosmic channels that have a healing effect.

Cosmoenergetics is considered a scientific and practical method. In the last decade, scientific centers have carried out measurements on the effect of cosmic energy channels on various biospheric objects - water, aqueous solutions, background radiation, as well as higher plants, and the statistically confirmed effect of cosmic energy channels should be recognized as an established fact.

The methods developed in cosmoenergy give practical advice on how to activate your own consciousness. The operation of cosmic energy channels is based on the control of mental images for the embodiment and realization of various human needs. The intermediary for the transfer of these programs are any liquid crystals, including water. This is how new programs were formed and rewritten in FSC.