FSC "Green" series - Places of power..

On the corrector of the green series, the polarization of water samples taken from natural sources, rivers, springs, which have proven themselves to be healing, is prescribed. The main component of the FSC "Places of Power" is the observatory of Arkaim and the Gelendzhik dolmens - themes from the ancient city. An additional link is the themes from the springs of the Republic of Belarus, springs from Olkhon Island on Baikal, two springs at the foot of Belukha Mountain in Altai, a spring from Khakassia and several holy springs in the Moscow region and the Krasnodar Territory.

The green series of FSC combines a combination of various natural components with places of power of the Earth, as well as space channels to solve certain functional problems. The main purpose of the FSC "Places of Power" is to adjust and preserve the subtle bodies of a person. Absolutely all programs that are registered in the FSC green series have information protection. Topics targeted by the FSC "Places of Power": "Healthy Generation" "Male Charm" "Women's Charm" "Love" "Success" "Harmony" "Longevity" "Clean Look"

Green FSC series restores people with severe autoimmune processes, with conditions associated with childbearing problems. Medicine says that everything is in order, but pregnancy does not occur. There are changes in personal and business relationships. The emotional background of life is changing. That is, "green" FSCs affect the deeper informational layers of human energy fields. Information is of a different nature and is stored in fields at the level of different chakras. The state of our chakras, our field structures is our health, success, destiny. Koltsov's green FSCs have a powerful force. And it is desirable to use these devices for those who have already used blue FSCs or who have been consciously and for a long time engaged in spiritual practices. Then the impact will not cause severe intoxication of the body and will pass gently. Therefore, it is recommended to first prepare the body by going through a course of rehabilitation with the blue line of Koltsov's FSC for at least a month or two, and after adaptation, already attract powerful "artillery" in the form of green FSCs. It must also be understood that such power must be used correctly and gradually.

The FSC green line should be used in doses, gradually accustoming the body to the new energy, listening to your inner feelings..If you apply them at once and a lot, then there may be a depressing effect from an excess of strength, they will overload the body with energy.

All green FSCs: promote spiritual growth and solve psychological problems, solve physiological problems well, they have a significantly increased power of influence compared to blue FSCs, work very well against the "evil eye", "spoilage", "information parasites", help balance the energy of the body.

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Recommendations for using the FSC "Places of Power":

As it was found, the vegetation in the radiation zones of places of power is more active. However, something that seems to be beneficent in a short time, with continuous long-term contact, is capable of exerting a depressing effect by its force. For vegetation with its slow homeostasis, excess energy is acceptable. However, for a person, it can be tiring. The peculiarities of using the FSC of the green series include the fact that it must be used in a dosed manner, while it is imperative to listen to your feelings and gradually accustom yourself to new energies. When using FSC, changes in the state that can be noticed are usually noted no later than 3-4 weeks of use. FSC can be placed on the area of ​​pain (except for heart pain) in acute conditions. If you are concerned about heart pains, then we recommend that you definitely “pump” the skeletal system, as well as lubricate the limbs with pre-structured ointments or structured water. It is important to note that in chronic diseases, changes in the state that can be noticed can occur after 1.5-3 months or more.