FSC "Golden" series. Methodology for working with golden FSCs

The channels of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" are written in the "golden" series of FSC, aimed at dissolving the underlying root causes of diseases.

The new series of Golden FSCs with the MAYAN COSMIC THEURGY channels will allow people to independently get rid of negative attachments and zombifying programs, eliminate destructive ties with the dead, get rid of astral entities, restore the harmonious operation of their own energy centers and subtle bodies, master social adaptation and much more another for solving vital tasks.

Cosmic theurgy "MAYA", as an evolutionary continuation of Sacred Cosmology, is an innovative method of restoring health, karma, personal life, business, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, rejuvenation.

In the FSC of the "golden" series, a dosed effect is provided at a time. This means that you do not need to track the operation of the channel: when to open, when to close. The principle is taken as a basis: "Better less, but better".

All channels of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" work through consciousness. No wonder they say: "Health is a mirror of consciousness." The channels work through the crown chakra and bring us into the golden energies of the Creator. This means that each user bears a colossal responsibility for their thought forms and actions.

To get a full-fledged result from the use of FSCs of the golden series, it is necessary not only to restore the harmony of the body, soul and spirit, but also to harmonize the consciousness with the subconscious and the higher "I", which is facilitated by the FSCs of the previous series - blue, green, lilac.

Working with the channels of the Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA", one must strive for righteousness (according to the VEDAS), and this means living according to CONSCIENCE (with the message, from VESTA - the BOOK OF LIFE or the silver-white channel of universal knowledge - the PILLAR OF KNOWLEDGE), i.e. e. with knowledge of the Laws of the Cosmos or the Commandments.

Psychosomatics and Eastern healing practices directly say that a person's physical and mental health, his success in various areas of life depend on an inner sense of harmony, high self-esteem, love for oneself and others. On the contrary, indifference to one's fate, pride, selfishness, envy, fears, greed, irritability, hatred, lust for power give rise to destructive thought forms and behavior..The balance of energies in the body is disturbed and, according to the principle "like attracts like", a person picks up damage, evil eye, magical effects, codes, installations and other virtual programs of destruction. Some of these programs come from the Genus, some - from former lives (incarnations).